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Jamaican & Caribbean Isles  (See also Cuban)

**(Cartoon Character) Hermes Conrad (voice of Phil LaMarr), a 25-year-old government bureaucratic (grade 36) who speaks with a pronounced Jamaican accent. He works at the Planet Express Delivery Company owned by Professor Farnsworth in the year 3000 A.D. His grade ranks changes form time to time because of promotions and demotions from range 36 (he should be grade 35).to 38 Hermes is responsible for the company shipping, paying the bills, filing forms, stamping forms, shredding forms and notifying next of kin. Hermes is married to an equally Jamaican wife, LaBarbara. The have a young son named Dwight. Anal 76.8 percent of the time, Hermes relaxes the traditional Jamaican way: he takes a glass of warm milk and gets a good night sleep. He is musically inclined, and occasionally breaks out in song (Reggae) or plays the piano. Hermes once participated in the Olympics in 2980 on the Limbo Team of Earth but when a fan trying to impress Hermes broke his back by going to low, Hermes retired from the Limbo circuit and became a bureaucrat. Hermes also likes to sit around naked and play chess at Christmas and is known, for some unknown reason, to compare things to green snakes and sugarcanes. His nemesis and sometime friend is Dr. Zoidberg, a lobster like character at Planet Express. Hermes wears a green suit, red shoes, glasses with rectangular lenses and sports a dreadlock hairdo. For a hobby Hermes raises oregano in his basement.

**(Carl Lumbly) Dr. Michael Norris, black chief administrator of Croft University Medical School on the Caribbean island of Jantique (where Norris was born). Also featured was Erika Alexander as Cheryl Carter, a materialistic black woman attending Croft. Filmed on location in Jamaica.

**(Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter) Winston, a Jamaican waiter working in a Hoboken, New Jersey restaurant frequented by police detective Tony Canetti and newspaper reporter Melanie Clifford. Winston later becomes an undercover cop.

*(Damon Wayons) Godfrey Hedley, the patriarch of a black West Indian family who pushes his children to work many jobs during skits on this comedy variety program. Godfrey's family members included T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah as Hilda Hedley his wife and nurse, Tommy Davidson as son Byron, Kim Coles as daughter Margaret. The skit began with Tommy Davidson announcing: "And now it's time for another episode of 'Hey Mon,' with the hardest-working West Indian family, the Hedleys." The skit ended with the announcement: "Join us again soon for 'Hey Mon' with the Hedleys. You can't tell if they're happy or mad, they're just working!"

*(T .C. Carson/costar) Abednigo "JoJo", a Rastafarian illegal alien from Jamaica who befriended Seamus O'Neill, a New Jersey assembly-line worker who moved to Key West after he won the lottery.

9 TO 5/ABC/1982-83/SYN/1986-88
**(Art Evans) Morgan, a gray-haired black Jamaican who worked as company mailman/messenger for Barkeley Food International based in New York City. Later in the series he became an American citizen.

**(Christopher Babers) Earl “Ziggy” Washington, the young black son of Detroit radio station owner who fancies himself Jamaican.

*(Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter/costar) Vince, a black restaurateur with a Jamaican accent and dreadlock hairdo who runs a downtown Manhattan diner called Union Square.

*(Doug E. Doug) Douglas Saint Martin, a quirky teenager growing up in a working-class Caribbean family in New York City. The program (inspired by Doug’s own life) was nominated for an NAACP Image Award as Best Television Show in 1993 and was supported by Coretta Scott King and Bill Cosby during its campaign to be renewed for a second season. He began his career in standup comedy at the age of 17, appearing at some of New York's best-known venues, including the world-famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem and the Comic Strip.


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