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**(Dennis Quilley) Peter the Fisherman, a Jewish disciple of Jesus Christ who enters the ancient city of Rome to spread Christianity among its citizenry. Other cast included Amanda Pays as Sarah, a Jewish slave.

*(Richard Lewis/costar) Marty Gold, a neurotic Jewish journalist working as a senior writer at Chicago weekly magazine.

**(Martin Balsam) Murray Klein, a Jewish-American businessman and partner in a neighborhood corner bar called "Archie's Place" located in the Queens section of New York City. Archie Bunker, his bigoted partner, often referred to Murray's people as "Heebs" had gone into partnership with Murray because of his financial expertise. Two years later Murray dissolved their business relations and moved to San Francisco. Another Jewish accountant took his place. He was young lawyer/business manager named Gary Rabinowitz (Barry Gordon) who began to date (against Archie's wishes) Billie Bunker, Archie's niece. Another niece, Stephanie Mills (Danielle Brisebois) abandoned by her father took up residence at the Bunker household. To Archie's surprise, it was discovered that she was part Jewish on her mother's side.

BABYLON 5/SYN/1994-98
*(Claudia Christian/costar) Susan Ivanova, Lt. Commander of Jewish/Russian descent stationed aboard the space station Babylon 5 orbiting planet Epsilon III. Born August 30th, 2230 in the St. Petersburg Russian Consortium, Susan joined the space service after her brother Ganya died in the Earth/'Minbari war in 2247. Her parents (now both deceased) were Andrei and Sofie Ivanov. Susan's mother (who called her "Suzotchka") was forced to undergo injections of a mind numbing drug called a "Sleepers" to disable her telepathic abilities. After ten years, she opted for suicide to escape her mental anguish. Susan's father. Andrei Ivanov died on Earth in 2258 from medical complications. She later attended a memorial ceremony conducted by family friend Rabbi Yossel Koslov to honor her father's life. Susan's steadfast personality can be observed in a response she gives to an attacking spacecraft "I am Susan Ivanova, commander...daughter of Andrei and Sofie Ivanov. I am the right hand of vengeance, and the boot that is gonna kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, goddammit. I am death incarnate, and the last living thing that you are ever going to see. God sent me." On another occasion a perturbed Susan advised her crew "Ivanova is always right. I will listen to Ivanova. I will not ignore Ivanova's recommendations. Ivanova is God. And, if this ever happens again, Ivanova will personally rip your lungs out!" In 2262 Susan was mortally wounded from debris hitting her White Star spacecraft. She recovered because Ranger Marcus Cole (using an alien device) sacrificed his own life force to nurture Susan back to health. After Marcus died, Susan requested a transfer off of Babylon 5 and was given the command a new Warlock-class cruiser for a one year shakedown flight. Talking about her heritage, Ivanova once stated "It's a Russian thing. When we're about to do something stupid, we like to catalog the full extent of our stupidity for future reference."

*(Hal Linden) Captain Barney Miller, a Jewish police officer who worked at the 12th Precinct in Greenwich Village. Also featured was Detective Phil Fish (Abe Vigoda), a slow-moving cop nearing retirement who spent more time in the toilet than at the duty desk. The Captain Miller character was the first Jewish police captain in TV history.

BEVERLY HILLS 90210/FOX/1990-2000
**(Gabrielle Carteris) Andrea Zuckerman, a poor Jewish teenager and overachiever who lied about what school district she lived in (she used her grandmother’s address) so she could attend the Beverly Hills High School to take advantage of their better programs. Andrea worked as the editor on the school newspaper, had a crush on gentile teenager Brandon Walsh and later she married Catholic Mexican-American law student Jesse Vasquez. They had a daughter named Hannah and raise her in both religions. Once Andrea and her grandmother (a Holocaust survivor) attended a rally protesting a anti-Semitic black leader when he came to her campus. Brian Austin Green costarred as David Silver, a Jewish teenager who aspired to be a musician. His father is Jewish, his mother is non-Jewish. During the 1991-92 season, David’s father, Mel Silvers (Matthew Laurance) got Kelly Taylor’s mother, Jackie pregnant. They married in the spring of 1992 and had a baby named Erin (played by April and Arielle Peterson & Paige and Ryanne Kettner). Soon after Mel started cheating on Jackie and so she threw him out of the house and filed for divorce during the 1992-93 season. On one episode Jackie’s daughter Kelly befriended a Jewish AIDS patient and when he died she lit a yahrzeit candle. On the series finale in May 2000, David Silver married his high school sweetheart Donna Martin (a Catholic) in a joint ceremony that featured a priest and a rabbi.

**(Steve Paymer) Leonard Prince, a droll Jewish-American male with low self-esteem who lived across the hall from a brother and sister from West Virginia now attending Randolph Harrington College in Boston. Leonard’s talents included being a specialist in 18th century foot ware and disk jockey for a local blues radio program. He came from a dysfunctional family and once informed his friends that his father bought a convertible; his mother got a real estate license and he got a bar mitzvah. Leonard face and hair were reminiscent of Larry Fine, the middle guy in The Three Stooges comedy troupe.

*(David Birney/costar) Bernie Steinberg, an aspiring Jewish-American writer married to an Irish-Catholic elementary school teacher. Harold J. Stone and Bibi Osterwald appeared as Sam and Sophie Steinberg, Bernie's parents, who allowed the newlywed couple to live in an apartment above their New York City delicatessen. To earn extra money, Bernie worked as a part-time cab driver.

*(Marion Ross & Louis Zorich) Sophie and Jules Berger, a Jewish-American couple (Polish/Russian immigrants) living in an apartment in New York City next door to their daughter Phyllis Berger Silver (Amy Aquino) and her husband, George (Peter Friedman). The program followed the story of a 14-year old Jewish boy, Alan Silver (Danny Gerard) growing up in Brooklyn (Bensonhurst section) during the 1950's who had to cope with an overprotective grandmother, overworked parents and an angelic nine-year-old brother, Nathaniel (Matthew Louis Siegal). Also featured were Carol Kane as Sophie's daughter, "Aunt" Sylvia; Natalie Nogulich as Aunt Miriam; Murray Rubin as Uncle Buddy; and Armin Shimerman as Cousin Bernie. The series was a semi-biographical version of the show's creator Gary David Goldberg early days in 1950s Brooklyn.

**(Holly Wortell) Holly, the boisterous Jewish best friend of Bonnie Kennedy, an Irish-Catholic woman living in Chicago.

*(Adam Arkin) Lenny Markowitz, a single, twenty-four-year old Jewish youth who graduated from engineering school but worked at Mr. Cabell's shoe store with a black guy named Raymond until he could get on his feet. Lenny lived in a run down apartment where he was visited from time to time by his overprotective parents as Sam (Jack Kruschen) and Pearl (Pat Carroll). Lenny later left his New York digs to chase after girls at a fashionable Catskill resort. Other cast included Danny Goldman as Lester Bellman; Paul Sylvan as Woody Warshaw.; and Stephen Nathans as Allan Simmonds; (these guys were Lenny's friends); and Paul B. Price as Ralph Cabell, Lenny's boss at the shoe store.

**(Albert Waxman) Lt. Bert Samuels, a grouchy but sensitive Jewish-American police officer who supervised the detectives at the 14th Precinct in New York City.

**(Bebe Neuwirth) Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane, a tightly wound Jewish psychiatrist who married fellow psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane, himself a gentile. Both were regulars at the local Boston bar known as Cheers. When their child, Frederich was born, Frasier couldn't handle the idea of Brith Milah, the Jewish religious rite of circumcision on the eighth day after birth so he fled with his little boy to Cheers for sanctuary with Lilith in hot pursuit.

*(Mandy Patinkin/costar) Dr. Jeffrey Geiger, a brilliant but difficult Jewish surgeon working at Chicago Hope Hospital. Jewish neurosurgeon, Dr. Aaron Shutt (Adam Arkin), is Geiger's best friend.

*(Jackie Mason) Jackie Fisher, a 52-year-old New York salesman with a very strong Yiddish accent who fell in love with an Irish Catholic single mother of three. Rita Karin played Jackie's disapproving Jewish mother, Bea Fisher.

*(Rachel Blanchard) Cher Horowitz, a fashion-crazed, Jewish-American high school student who hangs out in Beverly Hills shopping malls with her clique of stylish friends. Michael Lerner (and later Doug Sheehan) played the part of Mel, Cher's dad. The series was based on the feature film Clueless (1995) .

**(Theresa Saldana) Rachel Scali, a Jewish grammar school teacher and wife of Anthony Scali, an Italian-American Police Chief who worked in the town of Eastbridge, New York. Kaj-Eric Erikson appeared as their son, David whom they raised in the Jewish faith.

*(Mark Feuerstein) Conrad Bloom, a single “nice guy” Jewish-American copywriter for a New York advertising agency who must contend with all the women in his life. Other cast included Linda Lavin as his mother, Florie Bloom who moves in unexpectedly; and Ever Carradine as his grown sister Nina Bloom.

**(Shimen Ruskin) Meyer Shapiro, Jewish waiter working at Grant's Toomb, a tavern in New York City.

*(Morey Amsterdam) Maurice "Buddy" Sorrell, a Jewish comedy writer who worked with fellow writers Rob Petrie and Sally Rogers to produce "The Alan Brady Show," a weekly comedy variety show broadcast from New York City. Actresses Barbara Perry and Joan Shawlee appeared in the recurring role of Buddy's shrill, blond-haired wife, Pickles, a former showgirl with a bubble brain and a voracious appetite. Her maiden name was Fiona Conway. During one episode Buddy secretly took lessons to train for his belated barmitzvah ceremony (and his friends thought he was having an affair). The Dick Van Dyke Show was the creation of Jewish comedian and writer Carl Reiner who came from the Jewish New York comedy scene out of which came Your Show of Shows starring such Jewish comedians and writers as Sid Caesar, Mel Brooks, Hoard Morris and Woody Allen. With the exception of WASPish head comedy writer Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke), his wife Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) and son, Richie (Larry Mathews), the remaining ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’ characters are probably meant to be (although not defined as) Jewish including Alan Brady (a Sid Ceasar inspired character), his brother-in-law producer Mel Cooley (played by Richard Deacon), comedy writer Rose Marie (a Selma Diamond inspired character) who dated a man named Herman Glimcher; and Rob and Laura’s neighbors Jerry Helper and his wife, Millie Krumpermacher-Helper (played by Jerry Paris and Ann Morgan Guilbert). Jerry Helper is a dentist and is a close friend and next-door neighbor to Rob and Laura. During one episode the jealous Helpers are hurt that Rob and Laura have made friends with the new neighbors, the Staggs. Insulted that Rob would choose the “Staggs” over “The Helpers” for a theater engagement, Jerry whines that maybe they’ll just go to the movies with the “Steins.” On episode No.118 "Bupkiss" the storyline revealed that comedy writer Rob Petrie who had written a song named “Bupkiss” with an old Army Buddy. When it became a hit, Rob confronted his ex-friend to fight over authorship rights. Bupkiss is a Yiddish term for "nothing" (also spelled "bubkes").

*(Melora Hardin/costar) Frances “Baby” Kellerman, sheltered 17-year-old Jewish daughter of Max Kellerman (McLean Stevenson), the owner of Kellerman’s Mountain Resort in New York‘s Catskills. Baby has the hots for Johnny Castle, the resorts sexy dance instructor, but her daddy disapproves. Also featured was Mandy Ingber as Robin Kellerman, Baby’s spoiled, boy-crazy cousin. The series is based on the hit motion picture Dirty Dancing (1987) starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

**(Beau Gravitte) Grant Linowitz, an arrogant Jewish cardiologist who worked as a partner in a medical practice in Providence, Rhode Island. Anne Elizabeth Ramsey later appeared Grant's psychiatrist sister, Leona Linowitz who joined the practice during the 1990 season. Anna Slotky played Leona's daughter, Emily Linowitz.

**(Cecil Hoffmann) Joni Goldstein, the beautiful, blonde Jewish girlfriend of Joey Coltrera, an Italian-American with mob connections. Joni is willing to overlook Joey's family background while dreaming of the riches she hopes Joey will amass.

*(Anthony Edwards) Dr. Mark Greene, resident physician at Cook County General Hospital. In "A Miracle Happens Here" Mark Greene describes himself as "the son of an agnostic Jew (his father) and a lapsed Catholic" (his mother). His part of that episode's story involves him rediscovering an aspect of his faith, and at the end of the show, he helps a Jewish family celebrate Chanukah. After Mark’s mother died, his ailing father (a former navy man) moved from California to Chicago and spent his last days being attended by his son. One morning Mark woke and his father had quietly passed away. Another physician Dr. David Morgenstern (William H. Macy) identified himself once as half-Jewish, half-"genuine Highland Scots". In episode "True Lies" Morgenstern celebrates Robert Burns' birthday, a Scottish tradition.

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[at the scene of a hit and run in Harlem]

Black boy: It was a Jew!
Det. Briscoe: What, was he wearing a little hat?
Black boy: You don’t think I know a Jew when I see one?

       -- Law and Order


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