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**(Rosalind Chao) Soon-Lee Klinger, Korean peasant girl who met and later married U.S. Army clerk, Maxwell Klinger while he was stationed at a mobile army surgical hospital unit during the Korean War. Soon-Lee and her new husband later moved stateside to River Bend, Missouri where she adjusted to American life. See also M*A*S*H.

*(Margaret Cho) Margaret Kim, a hip second-generation Korean-American college student working as a department store cosmetic counter salesgirl while still living in a San Francisco home with her traditional immigrant parents. Also featured were Jodi Long as Mrs. Katherine Kim, who constantly played matchmaker; Clyde Kusatsu as Mr. Benny Kim, the family peacemaker and owner of "Kim's Books" bookstore; B. D. Wong as Stuart Kim, Margaret's Goody Two-shoes older cardiologist brother; J. B. Quon as Eric Kim, the younger brother; and Amy Hill as Margaret's eccentric grandmother. This program was the first sitcom to feature an Asian-American family. Wong was born and raised in San Francisco.

**(Keiko Agena) Lane Kim, Korean-American teenager who attends Stars Hollow High School in Connecticut. She is the best friend and confidant of Rory Gilmore who just transferred to Chilton Preparatory School.. Lane’s romantic interest is an Asian youth called Henry (played by Eddie Shin). Keiko (pronounced “Kay-Ko”) was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where she lived until 17. After high school she studied at Whitman college in Washington State. Prior to her role as Lane Kim, Keiko performed in a recurring role on the WB drama FELICITY during the 1999-2000 season as Leila Foster, a college student who inspired Felicity Porter (Keri Russell) to stage a demonstration at the University of New York’s Student Health Center.

**(Sandra Oh) Cristina Yang, Korean-American physician who works at  Seattle Grace Hospital as a surgery intern. Cristina is aggressive, cut-throat, reliant, competitive. She also has a phenomenal memory, and need to work on her bedside manner. She likes ballet and is fluent in Korean and English. Cristina received her B.A. from Smith College; an M.S./Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California-Berkeley; and an M.D. from Stanford University (she ranked first in her class at graduation). She graduated from Beverly Hills High School and was the class valedictorian. She lives at 423 Crescent Lake Drive, Apt. 323
in Seattle, WA 98112.

**(Steve Park) In the fall of 1991, Steve Park, a very funny Asian-American stand-up comedian was added to the cast of this popular weekly comedy satire program.

**(Rosalind Chao) Soon-Lee Hahn, a Korean peasant girl who met and married a U. S. Army company clerk, Maxwell Klinger attached to a mobile army surgical hospital unit stationed amidst the fighting of the Korean War. At wars end, she remained in Korea with her new husband looking for her remaining family members. Later, the couple relocated to River Bend Missouri. Also featured were Patrick Adiarte as Ho Jon, Trapper and Hawkeye’s houseboy [Hawkeye helped raise money to send him to the States to go to his alma mater]; Keiu Chinh as Kyung Soon, a Korean woman with whom Hawkeye falls in love in “In Love and War”; Shizuko Hoshi/Francis Fong/Eileen Saki as Rosie the owner of Rosie‘s Bar across from the 4077th.; Clyde Kusatsu as Kwang, the Officer’s Club bartender; Pat Morita as South Korean Army Captain Sam Pak; Mako who played many Korean officers and a Chinese doctor in “Rainbow Bridge.”; and Soon-Teck Oh, a Korean actor who played many parts such as Syn Paik, the North Korean surgeon in “The Korean Surgeon.”. See also AFTERMASH.

**(Lindsay Price) Kimmy Kim, makeup artist at News station WEIE in Chicago. Kimmy is a trusty, no-nonsense Korean-American confidante and advice giver to news reporter Pepper Dennis. Unfortunately, Kimmy never has enough money to support her fabulous taste in clothes and her taste in men is questionable.

**(Michelle Wong) Astrid, the adopted 10-year-old Korean daughter of Tess Hammersmith, an interior designer and single mother.

**(Garrett Wang) Ensign Harry Kim, Starfleet communication officer of Asian-American descent who served aboard Voyager, a starship marooned on the far side of the galaxy. Garrett Wang (whose last name is pronounced “Wong.”) graduated high school from Harding Academy in Memphis, TN and studied at UCLA.

*(Jack Soo/co-star) Rockwell "Rocky" Sin, a poker-playing Korean house servant/cook of a handsome New York publishing executive, Valentine Farrow. "Rocky", a bit of a con-artist, more than once reminded his boss (and former Army Buddy) of the time he saved his life during the war.

**(Sally Imamura) Tuey Wy, a young Korean girl adopted by Buzz Dillard, a construction worker.


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