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*(Jamie Farr/costar) Maxwell "Max" Klinger, a Lebanese-American from Toledo, Ohio who moved to River Bend, Missouri after the Korean War to work at General Pershing Veteran's Administration Hospital as an administrative assistant under the supervision of his former Korean War commander, Colonel Sherman Potter, now a civilian doctor/administrator. Klinger lived with his Korean War bride, Soon-Lee (Rosalind Chao). See also M*A*S*H.

*(Danny Thomas) Danny Williams, a Lebanese-American nightclub entertainer living in New York City with his wife Margaret (Jean Hagen) and his children Rusty (Rusty Hamer) and Terry (Sherry Jackson/Penney Parker). When Danny's first wife died, he married Kathleen Daly, a hot-tempered Irish lass. Angela Cartwright starred as her daughter Linda, from a former marriage. Veteran character actor Hans Conried frequently appeared as Uncle Tonoose, the loud-mouthed patriarch of the family, who favored the ways of the old country. His Lebanese nickname was "Hashush-al-Kabaar" meaning "The Man who made a monkey out of a camel".

**(Jamie Farr) Corporal Maxwell "Max" Klinger, a Lebanese-American from Toledo, Ohio who was stationed overseas in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War (M*A*S*H unit #4077). His total dislike for war drove him to wear a dress with hopes of being transferred stateside on grounds of mental deficiency. His efforts were in vein, however. Ironically, at the conclusion of the war, he fell in love with a Korean farm girl and remained, for a time, in Korea to help search for her family. Finally, they relocated to River Bend, Missouri.

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