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*(Michael Nouri) Count Dracula, a 500-year-old vampire nobleman from Transylvania (located in Central Romania) who relocated to San Francisco to teach evening classes in European history at South Bay College. He used the students on campus to satiate his blood lust. On his trail was Kurt von Helsing, the grandson of Professor von Helsing, the now deceased nemesis of the count. THE CURSE OF DRACULA was one of three serials aired under the umbrella title CLIFF HANGERS.

*(Geordie Johnson) Alexander Lucard (Dracul backwords), the legendary Transylvanian vampire moves his operations to corporate chair of a global conglomerate based in Luxembourg in this tongue-in-cheek adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic horror novel "Dracula.". As always there is someone on his trail. In Lucard's case, it is Gustav Helsing who enlists his young American nephews (Max and Chris) to bring Dracula down.

*(Al Lewis/costar) Grandpa Munster, aka "Count Vladimir Dracula," a 378-year-old vampire and mad scientist who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Land with his daughter Lili (Yvonne De Carlo) and her family. Grandpa loves to invent things in his laboratory and has a pet bat named Igor described by him as "a mouse with wings who joined the Transylvanian Air Force." Lili Munster (nee Lili Dracula) supports such charities as "Bundles for Transylvania." Her husband Herman (Fred Gywnne) was built in Dr. Frankenstein lab in Transylvania. On the revival series THE MUNSTERS TODAY/SYN/1988-91 we discovered that Grandpa attended the University of Transylvania where he was a member of the Sigma Alpha Aorta fraternity; and that his Transylvanian business background included operating a blood bank with Ghenghis Khan; and running fangs sharpening shop. Also featured were Irwin Charone as Lily's brother, Lester Dracula; Jo deWinter as Lily's mother Katja Dracula; Angelina Fiordessisi as Lily's cousin, Bella; Christopher Fielder as Lily's cousin, Damien; Jerry Houser as Lily's cousin Wolfgang Dracula; Camilla Ashland as Lily's aunt, Lucretia Dracula; and Ruth Buzzi as Grandpa's mother; and Sandy Baron as Grandpa's brother, Yorga Dracula.

*(Fran Drescher) Fran Fine, a Jewish-American bridal shop worker from Flushing, New York who got fired from her job, began selling perfume and then landed a job as a nanny to the children of a wealthy Manhattan gentile widower (whom she later married). Her family included Renee Taylor as Fran's mother, Sylvia Fine; and Ann Guilbert as Fran's grandmother, Yetta Rosenberg-Fine. On one episode, one of Grandma Yetta’s letters revealed she was a Romanian immigrant and that on the way to Ellis Island to marry Joe Fine, an American furrier, she had an affair with the ship’s waiter.

**(Elmarie Wendel) Mrs. “Mamie” Dubcek, the colorful landlord of the Solomon family who, in reality, are a bunch of aliens hiding out on planet Earth. Mrs. Dubcek revealed her ethnic background while talking to the Solomons. She pointed out "their" last name was obviously Jewish. Harry Solomon then asked her ethnic origins and she told him she was part Czechoslovakian and part Romanian..sort of a “slavic mutt.”

(Special Ops Force)/SYN/1997-99

**(Mindy Clarke) Margo Vincent a.k.a. Margo Vincentino Alexandrescu, ex-CIA agent with a gift for languages who joined a Special Ops Forces group. She was born in communist Romania. Her parents physician mother and physicist father took Margo (then five-years-old) and escaped the tyranny of despot Nicolae Ceausescu to settle on the East coast of America (after traveling via the Black Sea, Turkey and Israel). In college, Margo’s wrote a Master's thesis on Ceausescu's 23-year reign of terror known as "Ceausescu Orphans." Margo enjoys athletics, especially rollerblading and dislikes people who enjoy killing. She served as a CIA case officer in West Germany where she fell in love with German officer Noah Peri. When he was killed by a sniper’s bullet, Margo vows to track the assassin down (revealed to be a Wolfgang Kepper) and seek retribution.


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