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*(Bay City Rollers) Bay City rollers, a popular rock group from Scotland. The group included Derek Longmuir; Alan Longmuir; Stuart Wood; Eric Faulkner; and Leslie McKeown.

*(Billy Connolly) Billy Macgregor, a community college teacher of poetry and English Literature who illegally married a divorcee with three children to avoid being deported back to Scotland (he forgot to renew his visa). He later won a green card in an immigration lottery.

CENTENNIAL/NBC/1978-79 - (Mini-series)
*(Richard Chamberlain) Alexander McKeag, Scottish trader living in the Rocky Mountains during the late 18th century. This miniseries (aired from October 1978 through February 1979) was based on James A. Michener's novel Centennial that chronicled the historical events revolving around a region of the Rocky Mountains later to be called Centennial, Colorado. The earlier episodes set in 1795 told the story of French trapper Pasquinel (Robert Conrad) and Scottish trader Alexander McKeag (Richard Chamberlain).

**(Stewart Finlay-McLennan) Dr. Neil MacNeil, a Scottish physician living in the Appalachian community of Cutter Gap in the year 1912.

**(Percy Herbert) MacGregor, a frontier deputy of Scottish heritage who assisted Marshal Jim Crown based in Cimarron City during the late 19th century.

*(Bill Simpson) Dr. Alan Finlay, a Scottish general practitioner working during the 1920s in the village of Tannochbrae, Scotland with Andrew Cruickshank as the crusty Dr. Cameron and Barbara Mullen as Janet the no- nonsense housekeeper. The character was later revived in DR. FINLAY/SCOTTISH TV/1993-94) with Ian Bannen as Dr. Cameron; Annette Crosbie as Janet the housekeeper; and David Rintoul as Dr. Finlay who had just returned home from the Second World War.

**(William H. Macy) Dr. David Morgenstern, a half-Jewish, half- "genuine Highland Scots" physician working at Cook County General Hospital in Chicago. On episode "True Lies" Morgenstern celebrates Robert Burns' birthday, a Scottish tradition. EVENING SHADE/CBS/1990-94
**(Michael Jeter) Herman Stiles, a mousy, mustachioed mathematics teacher and assistant coach for The Mules football team at Evening Shade High School in Evening Shade, Arkansas. On the [4.07-93] episode "The Dance" Herman learns he has Scottish ancestors.

*(Robert Carlyle) Hamish Macbeth, police constable for the small village of Lochdubh in the West Scotland. His friends and acquaintances include Wee Jock, his small Westie dog; Ralph Riach as TV John McKeever, Hamish’s close friend and assistant; Shirley Henderson as Isobel Sutherland, the reporter for the Lochdubh Listener; Valerie Gogan as novelist Alexandra MacLaine; Stuart McGugan and Barbara Rafferty as Barney & Agnes Meldrum, the local pub owners; Duncan Duff as Doc Brown, the village physician; Brian Pettifer as Rory Campbell, the grocery shop owner; Agnes Lacey as Esme Murray, the town teacher and owner of the local boarding house; Billy Ridoch and Stuart Davids as Lachie Snr and his son, Lacnie Jnr, the town schemers; Major Peregrine MacLaine, landowner and Alexandra’s father; Neil the Bus; Rory Calhoun; Neil Findlay; Flora, the town gossip; Zoot MacPheron, a wealthy local; and the Clan MacLopez, the makers of illegal sherry stills. The coastal village of Lochdubh seen on the series is actually the Scottish Highlands village of Plockton. The Hamish Macbeth program was broadcast in America on the BBC America channel. See also SPANISH - “The Clan MacLopez”

*(Billy Connolly) Billy MacGregor, a high-spirited American History teacher of Scottish heritage working with the IHP (Individual Honors Program) students of a New York High School. His lilting Scottish accent was extremely pleasing to hear as he instructed his genius pupils. He taught his class from a personal perspective seeing the American Revolutionaries as terrorists and Benedict Arnold as a hero. Billy MacGregor was introduced during the 1990 season.

HEY, JEANNIE/CBS/1956-57/1960
*(Jeannie Carson) Jeannie MacLennan, a pretty, perky Scottish girl who relocated to the U.S.A. The series dealt with her day-to-day problems in adjusting to American life as she worked as a waitress in a New York donut shop. The series was rerun on ABC as THE JEANNIE CARSON SHOW in 1960.

*(Adrian Paul) Duncan MacLeod, a 400-year-old immortal warrior born in the Highland of Scotland in 1592. For centuries Duncan has been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer. Constantly facing other immortals in combat to the death with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die unless you take his head and lift his power. In the end there can be only one. May it be, Duncan MacLeod...THE HIGHLANDER. Duncan first realized he was an immortal when he was mortally wounded in battle and soon resurrected. His clan thought he was bewitched by the devil and cast him out of their village. Duncan was thus forced to wander the ages finding comfort in the arms of mortal women who to soon died in his arms from tragedy or old age. The series was based on the 1986 feature film Highlander starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. Lambert reprised his role of immortal Connor MacLeod in the series pilot episode.

*(Lucille Ball/costar) Lucy Ricardo, a zany redhead of Scottish descent and wife of Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban bandleader who worked at the Tropicana Club in New York City. Lucy once dreamed she was in Scotland (episode "Lucy Goes to Scotland" broadcast 2/20/1956) and that her Clansmen had chosen to give her to a two-headed dragon to appease its hunger and save the village. Lucy’s maiden name is Lucille MacGillicuddy Also featured was Kathryn Card as Lucy's mother, Mrs. MacGillicuddy (seen occasionally during the 1955-56 season).

*(John Getz/costar) Malcolm MacGruder, Los Angeles police officer teamed with officer Jenny Loud as they patrolled the streets of Southern California. Secretly MacGruder and Loud were married and lived in separate apartments that were connected by a revolving bookcase.

*(Richard Dean Anderson) Angus "Mac" MacGyver, a scientific genius who first worked for Western Tech, then the U.S. government and finally for the Phoenix Foundation. MacGyver shunned the use of firearms but rather used his fertile imagination to get himself and others out of deadly situations. In his down time MacGyver lived on a houseboat (until destroyed in 1991) and followed a strict vegetarian diet. Others cast featured were Dalton James as MacGyver's son, Shawn Angus Malloy, a photo-journalist (MacGyver first met his son on 4/25/92 episode "The Stringer"); Lisa Savage as Kate Molloy, MacGyver's college photo-journalist sweetheart killed in China, who bore "Mac" a son-Shawn-but never told him of the fact); John Anderson as Mac's grandfather, Harry Jackson; Sean Wohland and Shawn Donahue as MacGyver as a boy (in flashbacks); Phil Redrow and Martin Milner as MacGyvers' father, James MacGyver (in flashbacks); and Sheila Moore as MacGyver's mother Ellen MacGyver (in flashbacks). It wasn't until the last season of the show that MacGuyver discovered he had a first name. Traveling back to Medieval Scotland (in a dream sequence) MacGyver sees his name written in flames on a castle wall. He was not amused at the revelation even after a maiden remarked "Oh, It's a beautiful name."

*(Shawn Stevens/costar) Kevin MacKenzie, one of a group of spirited orphans of Scottish descent who were adopted by Cuda Weber, a fishing-boat operator in Hawaii, when the kids' parents were lost at sea. Other cast included Lory Walsh as Bridget Mackenzie; Sean Marshall as Michael Mackenzie; Randi Kiger as Celia Mackenzie; and Keith Mitchell as Timothy Mackenzie.

*(Richard Carlson) Colonel Ronald S. Mackenzie, commander of the U.S. Fourth Cavalry stationed at Fort Clark, Texas during the year 1873 who crossed the Rio Grande under secret orders from President Grant and General Sheridan to hunt down and subdue marauding Mexican bandits. The series was based on the real military officer who was the focus of the book "The Mackenzie Raid" by Col. Russell Reeder.

*(Gerald McRaney) Major John D. "Mac" MacGillis, conservative, by-the-book Marine officer stationed at Camp Singleton in San Diego who fell in love and married journalist Polly Cooper, a liberal widow with three children. Mac and family later relocated to Camp Hollister, in Farlow, Virginia near Washington, D.C.

**(Craig Ferguson) Logan McDunna, a Scottish man working in a Pennsylvania coffee shop and cafe.

**(Sheena Easton) Caitlin Davies, a Scottish Rock 'N Roll singer who fell in love and married undercover policeman Sonny Crockett on the November 20th, 1987 episode. She was killed off later in the season.

*(Alan Young) Wilbur Post, an architect of Scottish descent who owned a talking horse named Mister Ed. On episode No. 56, Alan Young played a dual role as Wilbur Post and his father, a Scottish farmer. On the episode "Ed-a-Go-Go" Wilbur plays his bagpipe.

*(Fred MacMurray) Steve Douglas, a widowed aerospace engineer of Scottish ancestry. In 1972, Fred MacMurray played a dual role as his Scottish relative Laird Fergus McBain, who was searching for a wife. The voice of McBain was dubbed by actor Alan Caillou.

*(Don Johnson) Nash Bridges, a police detective of Scottish escent working for a Special Investigation Unit in the city of San Francisco. On one episode, Nash tells his parnter Joe that his is Scottish but qualifies that statement saying "only half of a half" on his father's side. Nash's family includes his ex-wives Stacey Bridges (Angela Dohman) and Lisa Bridges (Annette O'Toole), Nash's 16-year-old daughter Cassidy (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) and Nash's father, Nick (James Gammon) who is suffering from Alzheimer's disesae. Nash's mother (now deceased) was a librarian. One of Nash's relatives, Hagus Bridges, was a klutzy Constable who works for the Glascow police. He traced the family tree back to Wallace Bridges, in the days of Robert the Bruce. He vistied San Francisco on one episode.

**(Simon O’Brien) Angus McEwen, nutty Scottish student who lived in an Los Angeles apartment building owned by a former black singer and night club owner.

*(Ann Sothern) Susan “Susie” McNamara, private secretary for the theatrical agency International Artists, Inc. in New York City. Susie was born in Mumford Indiana, her ancestors come from Scotland.

**(Cartoon Character) Willy, the red-bearded school groundskeeper/custodian for Springfield Grammar School. He was born in North Kilttown, Scotland (conceived on a pool table in a tavern owned by his parents) and spoke with a strong Scottish accent. Willy once revisited his homeland on an expedition to find the Loch Ness Monster. He's been deported four times.

*(Andrew Clarke) Matt McGregor, head of the McGregor clan, Scottish immigrants who settled the Australian frontier of the late 1800s. Living on the sprawling Langara ranch, family members included Joshua Lucas as Luke McGregor; Brett Climo as Colin McGregor; Guy Pearce as Rob McGregor; Jolene Crnogorac as Danni McGregor and Sheryl Munks as Emily McGregor. The McGregor's nemesis was the Blackwood family who owned a nearby ranch. The series is based on A. B. "Banjo" Paterson's ballad "The Man from Snowy River" and the movies The Man from Snowy River (1982) and Return to Snowy River (1988) aka The Man from Snowy River II (1988). The series was filmed in Australia's Snowy River mountains.

*(James Doohan/costar) Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott, the dedicated chief engineer aboard the Federation starship the USS Enterprise who spoke with a pronounced Scottish accent. Beginning his engineering career in 2242, he served aboard eleven ships including a stint as an engineering advisor on cargo ship run to the planet Deneva. James Doohan reprised his role of Montgomery Scott in the theatrical feature films STAR TREK: THE MOVIE, THE WRATH OF KHAN, SEARCH FOR SPOCK, and THE VOYAGE HOME. The revival TV series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/SYN/1987-94 literally resurrected the Scotty on episode No. 130 "Relics" when Scotty's transporter pattern was found suspended (and still active) 75 years after Scotty had beamed his 72 year old body into the machine as a means of survival after his ship (the "Jenolen") had crash-landed on an huge artificially constructed alien planetoid called a "Dyson Sphere." Before his accident Scotty was in the process of relocating to the retirement community at the Norpin Colony. After a brief interlude with the crew of the USS Enterprise-D, Scotty set out for parts unknown in a shuttlecraft provided through the courtesy of Captain Jean Luc Picard, the current Captain of the Enterprise-D. During his days on the original USS Enterprise, Scotty was famous for pushing the limits of the dilithium crystal controlled warp engines to get the captain and crew out of danger just in the nick of time.

*(Gates McFadden/costar) Dr. Beverly Howard-Crusher, a chief medical officer of Scottish descent working aboard the Starship Enterprise-D in the 24th century. Later in the series Beverly visited the planet Kaldor (a recreation of the Scottish culture) to finalized the estate of her Nana Howard, who had moved there from earth years earlier. When she arrived she discovered that her Nana and all of the Howard women had been possessed since 1647 Glascow by an 800 year old ghost whose essence lived in a candle flame. The ghost was actually a parasitic life-form who assumed the form of their lover and then lived off their life energy through each generation. When the spirit tried to possess Beverly, it was ultimately destroyed. Beverly's maiden name of Howard was first seen on a biographical summary appearing on the ship's computer screen in the episode #114 "Conundrum" (Stardate 45494.2 First aired in 1992). Her character was named for Merri Howard, the program's producer.

*(Gordon Jackson) Angus Hudson, Scottish butler and consummate professional who directed a group of London house servants working for the Bellamy family from the years 1903 through the depression. The series was a contrasting study of Edwardian life and its class structure dramatized through the upstairs lives of the aristocratic Bellamy family and the downstairs lives of their servants. The 55 episode series were shown as part of Masterpiece Theatre on the PBS Network in America.


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