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*(Stuart Damon) Craig Sterling, one of three secret agents working for Nemesis, a Geneva, Switzerland-based law and order agency. Other agents included Alexandra Bastedo as Sharon Macready; and William Gaunt as Richard Barrett. Anthony Nichols costarred as W. L. Tremayne, their boss. Each agent was endowed with super sensory and extrasensory power they received from an old man in a lost city in Tibet.

*(Kieren Hutchison) William Tell, the legendary Swiss freedom fighter. Other cast included Andrew Binns as Xax; Nathaniel Lees as Leon; Katrina Browne as Aruna; Ray Henwood as Kreel; Sharon Tyrrell as Kalem; Beth Allen as Princess Vara; and Drew Neemia as Drogo. This hour adventure series (16 episodes) was produced in Australia.

**(Sandra Hess). Lt. Alexandra "Ice" Jensen, a beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed, Marine fighter pilot stationed in Pensacola, Florida (during the second and third season). Born in Switzerland, Alexandra is extremely independent and tries her best to fit and survive in a mostly male dominated profession. Her aviator call sign is "Ice." Sandra Hess, born on March 27 and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, began modeling and working on television commercials when she was just 15. After completing high school, she entered the University of Zurich to study law and later came to the US to pursue an acting career.




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