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*(Jack Palance) Lt. Alexander “Alex” Bronkov, a pipe-smoking police detective on special assignment for the Mayor’s office of Ocean City, California. Bronk’s crippled daughter Ellen (Dina Ousley) was injured in the same an accident that killed his wife. Jack Palance is Ukrainian by heritage. Born Vladimir Palanuik in Lattimer, Pennsylvania in 1919, he graduated from Stanford University in 1939. He suffered severe injures after his B-17 bomber crashed landed in England in 1943 during World War II and underwent facial reconstruction. His is best remembered for his for his role as the dark gunfighter in the classic western Shane and as Curly, the surely cowboy in the movie City Slickers

NORTH OF 60/CBC/1992-1998
**(Lubomir Mykytiuk) Gerry Kisienko, a Ukrainian immigrant who runs the cafe, general store and motel in the fictional native community of Lynx River, Northwest Territories, Canada. This Canadian produced series was seen in the United States on the Trio channel on DirecTV. CBS continued to air repeats of the series and produced a number of new made-for-TV movies after the series ended in 1998.

**(Alla Kliouka Schaffer) Svetlana Kirilenko, Livia Soprano's one-legged Ukranian (Russian) nurse. Before Livia died, she bequeathed her record collection to Svetlana. At the funeral, Livia's daughter, Janice Soprano (called "a cow") insisted the records were hers. Svetlana disagreed, so in retribution, Janice stole Svetlana's prosthetic leg while she slept. Angry, Svetlana asked two friends in the Russian mob to smack Janice around t get the leg back. Svetlana also smoked too much.

**(Denise Crosby) Natasha “Tasha” Yar, security chief stationed aboard the starship Enterprise-D in the 24th century. First appearing on episode “Encounter at Farpoint,“ Tasha’s character is reserved, quite athletic, and an expert in self-defense [Aikido]. Ukrainian in descent, Tasha was born on Planet Turkana IV on a failed Federation colony. After her parents were killed (she was five) Tasha cared for her younger sister, Ishara. At the age of 15, Tasha escaped the rape-gangs on Turkana IV and eventually joined Starfleet. Captain Jean Luc Picard personally chose Tasha to be his security chief after seeing Tasha in action as she rescued a wounded colonist from a minefield. Tasha died in 2364 during a mission on planet Vagra II. Tasha’s sister, Ishara [born 2342] appeared on episode “Legacy” when the Enterprise-D visited planet Turkana IV in the year 2367. Ishara was a loyal member of one of the planet’s rebel factions known as the Coalition. Tasha Yar’s character was resurrected in episodes “Yesterdays Enterprise” in an alternate time line where Tasha did not die on planet Vagra II but rather was taken prisoner by a Romulans and gave birth to a daughter named Sela [born in 2345] who was fathered by a Romulan general. The grown Sela [a dead ringer for her mother, Tasha] was a Romulan operative who was first seen in shadows on episode “The Mind’s Eye” and later in episodes “Redemption “ [ Part I and Part II]

**(Savannah Haske) Tatiana, an illegal Ukrainian immigrant living in New York City's 55th Precinct introduced during the 2000 season). Tatiana moved into the same apartment building where officer John "Sully" Sullivan lived. After a few chance meetings, Sully began to date her. Tatiana revealed that she was an illegal alien and proposed that she and Sully move in together. On September 10, 2001, Sully parties in Atlantic City on the eve of his wedding to Tatiana, but the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Tower puts a delay on their weddings plans. Tatiana ended up having a small private wedding where Sully's friend officer Davis was one of the witnesses. Meanwhile, Tatiana checks Sully's mother out of the care center without Sully's permission and takes her home to care for her. Later Tatiana leaves Sully's mother alone for a few minutes to go to the store and get some milk, Mrs. Sullivan gets a bad burn on her. Tatiana ended up leaving Sullivan after he yelled at her son and blamed Sergei's gang activities as the reason why officer Davis was shot. A short time after wards, Tatiana disappears for eight weeks. In the fall of 2002, Sully discovers that Tatiana was a former prostitute and had connections with a Russian mobster named Fyodor Chevchenko (played by Roy Scheider) who kills Tatiana grown son, Sergei (who was initially nearly beaten to death by the mob) because he was a liability. Tatiana visits Fyodor and asks him why he went back on his promise to not hurt her son and in a fit of anger she tries to kill Chevchenko. Consequently, he kills her. Seeking revenge Tatiana's cop husband, sets up Fyodor during an undercover meeting and executes him.


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