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**(Ming-Na Wen) Lien Truong, a 17-year-old offspring of Tom Scott who lived in the fictional town of Oakdale, U.S.A. Lien was the product of a romantic interlude while her father was stationed in Vietnam years earlier. His daughter's teenage adventures and adjustments to American society were a popular addition to this daytime soap opera starting in the 1988 season. In real-life, this attractive dark-eyed oriental beauty was actually a native of Macao. See also CHINESE - "ER"

**(Kieu Chinh) Trieu Au, a Vietnamese woman who was hired to care for the baby girl of an American prostitute and heroine addict named Karen Charlene Koloski ("K. C.") who lived in Vietnam during the 1960s. After the Fall of Saigon, Trieu Au escaped to America and found work at a beauty salon. She had given the baby in her charge back to her mother before she left for the United States. Also featured was Page Leong as Cam Noi, a lost Vietnamese girl befriended by an American combat soldier named Evan "Dodger" Winslow.

**(Gedde Watanabe) Tran Van Din, a Vietnamese immigrant working as a short order cook at McCrorey's Landing, a cafe/bait shop located in Hadley Cove, Texas. He came to the U.S.A. by misrepresenting the fact that he was an oriental mail-order-bride. He had sent a picture of Connie Chung to his love-starved suitor (who paid for his air-fare to the states).

**(Tram-Ahn Tran) Tina Nuen, Vietnamese youngster who along with a group of multi-ethnic kids solved mysteries with the help of a spiritual entity who typed messages to them via a computer owned by Jamal Jenkins. Tina attended Washington Elementary where she was a reporter/videographer for the school newspaper.

*(Thuy Trang/costar) Trini, a beautiful Vietnamese teenage girl who is given the power to morph into a superhero (she wore a yellow body costume) so that she can battle aliens bent on Earth's destruction. Trini is part of a multi-ethnic group of superheroes called the Power Rangers. Thuy Trang was later replaced by Karen Ashley as Aisha, the Yellow Ranger.

**(Sunshine Lee) Kimmy Friedman. a five-year old Vietnamese orphan first adopted by Michael Mulligan's sister and later re-adopted by him when she and her husband were killed.

**(Denice Kumagai) Quon Le Dac Robinson, the Vietnamese wife of black New York City court clerk Mac Robinson (Charles Robinson). Quon Le fell in love with Mac while he was stationed in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Later, when she came to America, they married. During the 1987 season, they had a child.

**(France Nuyen) Dr. Paulette Kiem, a female Vietnamese heart surgeon introduced in the Fall of 1986 who replaced Dr. Craig when he injured his hand in a fit of anger. In real life, Nuyen earned a masters degree in clinical psychology.

**(George Kee Cheung) Ho, Vietnamese janitor who worked at the Armed Forces Vietnam Network that produced “The AFVN News and Sports” for American service personnel stationed in Vietnam in Saigon during 1967.

**(Ke Huy Quan) Sam, an outgoing 13-year-od Vietnamese orphan adopted by David Randall, an ex-basketball star turned sporting goods merchant and his wife Lori. Sam's parents, an Asian woman and an unknown U.S. serviceman were both killed in the Mekong Delta. CBS later revised this series under the title NOTHING IS EASY/CBS/1987.

21 JUMP STREET/FOX/1987-90
*(Dustin Nguyen/costar) Harry Truman "H.T." Ioki, a young Japanese-American police officer (with erratic driving skills) who was assigned to an elite squad of baby-faced cops posing as high school students to battle juvenile crime. (A sort of MOD SQUAD of the 1980's.) His parents moved to the U.S.A. after World War II. Once Ioki commented he was "named after the guy who dropped an atom bomb on my house". He learned to speak English by watching old DRAGNET reruns and once thought a "Stake-out" was what you did to get a "Sirloin-to-go." Later in the series (12/20/87 episode) it was revealed that Ioki was actually a Vietnamese refugee. In real life, Nguyen was born in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) in 1962. He later had escaped Saigon in 1975 by boat to Guam and later arrived in the U.S.A. His character was in many ways, autobiographical.

**(Tiffany Toyoshima) Kim Daley, an 11-year-old Vietnamese-American daughter who moved into a new home when her father Jim Daley remarried.


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