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Includes the people of the federation of six republics including Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro. Note: As of 2003 Yugoslavia has disappeared from the map of Europe, after 83 years, to be replaced by a looser union called simply Serbia and Montenegro, after the two remaining republics.

**(Goran Visnjic) Dr. Luka Kovac, foreign physician from Kosovo, Croatia working as an on-call attending physician at Cook County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois (beginning with the fall 1999 season). Before coming to America, Luka’s family (his wife and two children) were killed when an artillery shell hit their home, just as he had stepped out to buy bread and cheese. When Luka confided with Nurse Carol Hathaway about his family’s death, he simply and practically concluded ”Something happens. You rebuild and go on.” When Luka was younger, his father worked as a train conductor; and Luka’s grandfather lived on a farm and raised chicken and cattle near Zagreb (City in NW Yugoslavia, on the Sava River; and capital of Croatia). Like his character, Goran Visnjic grew up in a small town in his native Croatia off the Adriatic Sea. .

*(Karl Malden) Pete "Skag" Skagska, a 56-year-old Serbian-Orthodox Catholic steelworks foreman who lived in the City of Pittsburgh with his family which included: Piper Laurie as Jo, his Jewish-American second wife; Craig Wasson and Peter Gallagher as his sons David and John); Kathryn Holcomb and Leslie Ackerman as his teenage daughters, Patricia and Barbara; and George Voscovec as Skag's father, Petar, a stroke victim who had lost his ability to speak.


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