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DREAM ON/HBO/FOX/1990-96 (Dr. Richard Stone) - A never seen but often spoken about physician who was considered by his wife Judith (Wendie Malick) to be the greatest man on Earth. Judith was formerly married to Martin Tupper, a Manhattan book editor, who still had a thing for his ex-wife and didn't appreciate hearing about Judith's "wonderful" new husband. During the 1994 season, however, Dr. Stone died. His memory was honored at an "International Day of Sorrow" sponsored by the United Nations. To add insult to injury, the service was held on Martin's birthday.

THE TRIALS OF ROSIE O'NEILL/CBS/1990-92 (Rosie's Psychiatrist) - At the beginning of each episode of this legal drama, the camera focused on the face of Rosie O'Neill (Sharon Gless), a Beverly Hills lawyer turned public defender who sat in the high-back leather chair of her psychiatrist's office. Usually dressed in yellow, she carried on an almost one-way conversation with Dr. Gordon Kenderson, her unseen psychiatrist (except for the top of his balding head). Rosie brought all of her personal concerns to his office. Her topics of discussion included: her job stress, her relationship with her mother and sister, her dating and single situation, her regrets at never having a child, her divorce, her smoking habit, etc. (Ad nausem). On the first episode Rosie was heard saying "I'm thinking maybe of having my tits done. I may not want them any bigger; they're a nice size already. I just thought maybe I'd have them fluffed up a bit..." Rosie's unseen doctor was actually the show's producer, Barney Rosenzweig.



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