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Faceless Favorites

During the early days of radio it was common for the listening audience to dig deep into their fertile imaginations and create a personalized mental image from a performers words as they spilled out from the radio speakers. A million different images spawned from one radio broadcast. With the advent of television this trend was quickly reversed. The imagination took a back seat to the full brightness of transmitted pictures. No longer was the audience responsible for imagining what a radio character looked like, they were now given all the information conveniently located within the confines of their black and white (and later color) TV sets. One image for the millions. However, occasionally a television program was produced that harkened back to those good old days of imagination, producing a character whose inherent physical features were kept a secret from the audience. It was in those instances that the flavor of radio was recaptured. I call these unseen, unsung characters the "Faceless Favorites of Television."

Douglas Douglas: You're the only one who ever sees this blue guy, Duncan
Duncan Douglas:  He's real!
Debbie Douglas:  Well, of course he's real to you, dear, but that's because you're probably insane

                -- Freakazoid


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