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Anyone interested in getting a TRAVELOCITY GNOME? Here is how, courtesy of one of our website users. Thanks TB.

Here is the website:,,

In 2004, lots of people were interested in the song on the Geico Insurance commercial that played lyrics like  "Hey little honey what's your 20/20 got my ears on and I wanna get chummy chummy".

Here's the answer:

 The song is The Legendary Shack Shakers "CB Song" available on the "Cock a Doodle Dont" release on the Bloodshot label. You can get it at

You can get it at


Here is the group's official website.

Here's a nice email dated Monday January 20, 2003  from Mr. Ed Golick who has his own web site called He was kind enough to share his knowledge on THE  SOUPY SALES SHOW and the puppeteers Clyde Adler and Frank Natasi who manipulated and/or provided voices for the puppets on the show. He said:

I'm hoping you can make a correction on your website regarding Clyde Adler and Soupy Sales. You state that Clyde Adler operated the White Fang and Black Tooth puppets, while Frank Nastasi did the voices. You are half right- sort of.
Soupy Sales created the format for Lunch With Soupy at WXYZ, here in Detroit. Clyde Adler, a floor director at the station, worked all of the puppets and did all of the voices for the show. Clyde was also the unseen man behind the door. When Clyde would go vacation, Frank Nastasi replaced him. At the time, Frank played Gramps on another local WXYZ kid show, Wixie Wonderland.
Soupy's show went national in 1960. Soupy and Clyde Adler moved  to Los Angeles, and did a carbon-copy of the show they perfected in Detroit. Frank Nastasi moved to New York, to work on the legitimate stage. After a couple of years Lunch with Soupy was cancelled, so Clyde moved back to Detroit. In 1965 Soupy brought the puppets out of hibernation for another show in New York. Clyde didn't want to move again, so Soupy hired Frank Nastasi to do all of Clyde's characters.
Clyde worked with Soupy one last time on the 1979 syndicated "The Soupy Sales Show" where he once again was Pookie, Hippy, White Fang, Black Tooth and the man at the door. They taped thirteen weeks of shows, but the old magic wasn't there, mainly due to bad writing and poor direction.
I own the original White Fang and Black Tooth puppets used in Detroit, given to me by Jane Adler, Clyde's widow
Ed Golick

Recently, TV ACRES received an email from Dave Dietmeyer of Crestwood, Kentucky. Sent September 30, 2002, Dave kindly points out a "real" obituary from a newspaper in the Chicago area that reports the death of Phyllis Lindstrom, Of course, in TV LAND Phyllis Lindstrom (played by Cloris Leachman) was the landlord of TV producer Mary Richards on classic CBS comedy series THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW.

The article reads:
Recent Deaths

Phyllis Lindstrom

Phyllis Lindstrom, 75, of Waukegan, passed away Thursday, September 26, 2002 at Condell Medical Center. She was born December 23, 1926 in North Chicago. She enjoyed gardening & working in her yard.

    Survivors include her six children, David (Connie) Teser of Kenosha, WI, Robert (Lynn) Teser of Gurnee, Michael (Rose) Teser of Zion, Diane (Les Natzel) Baldino of Milwaukie, OR., Shirley (Bill Wagener of Lake Villa, Pauline (Greg Meyer) Teser of Salem, WI; many grandchildren and great-grandchildren; sisters, Cecilia Zaleck, Lottie Petersen, Alice Hart, Lucille Dutton, Joan Heraver, Rita Guerin. She was preceded in death by her husbands, Casper Teser and Bob Lindstrom; one brother, Frank Michalski; two sisters, Ame Kacz-Maryn, Florence Falotico; and her parents.

    Services and burial will be private. Arrangements are under the care of the MARSH FUNERAL HOME OF LINDENHURST, 1840 EAST GRAND AVE.

Does anyone remember the series RICHARD DIAMOND?
This show had a sexy phone operator named Sam who fielded phone
calls for private detective Richard Diamond (played by David Janssen).
The role of Sam the sultry-voiced operator was first played by
Mary Tyler Moore.Her replacement was Roxane Brooks. Roxane
recently emailed TV ACRES and informed us that her name was
spelled wrong. We quickly corrected the mistake. Her name has been
mistakenly spelled in a variety of TV resources. TV Acres lets
Roxane get the  last word on the subject. Below is the text of the
email and a follow up email that explains the problem:

Her first email was sent September 2, 2002. It reads:

Hi there:

Through the ages I have had to make this request numerous times over: Please take the extra "n" out of my name.

Roxane Brooks, my maiden name and my professional name has always been spelled with one "n".

For verification you may go to AEA (Actors Equity Association), SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and/or AFTRA (American Federation of Television Actors).

Thank you for the time and attention required to make this correction.


Roxane  :(   :)
Regional Coordinator WNCP

Her follow-up email was sent September 4, 2002. It reads:

Good Morning Jerry (Jerome):
Thank you so much for your reply and the courtesy you have 
extended, regarding making a change to reflect the correct 
spelling of my name.

I did write to IMDb, however a note from you will probably 
carry more weight and get faster results.

There are many more shows with which I was involved, 
both on the East and West Coasts.  If of any interest, I can
send you most of the information regarding show title, producer,
shooting date and name of the part I played. I have saved most
of the original scripts. 

Just let me know.


Roxane  :(   :)
Regional Coordinator WNCP

There. Justice has been done.


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