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Mrs. Sterling - A familiar face in the audience of the NBC program TONIGHT in the 1950s, Mrs. Sterling seemed to live in the aisles. She was a frequent recipient of gifts especially some of the trademark huge salames that host Steve Allen gave away as a gag (among other gift like watches, perfumes, and appliances). Mrs. Sterling would always ask for a second gift for her daughter.

Mrs. Sterling's able successor was Mrs. Miller, an elderly woman who attended all of Jack Paar's shows when he hosted THE TONIGHT SHOW (1957-62).

In his book "Hi-Ho Steverino" (1992) Steve Allen remembered that Dorothy Miller followed him from Hollywood to New York.

 "Incredibly she came to our show every night by train from Philadelphia where she worked as a clerk-typist for the US Army Quartermaster Corps."

Mrs. Miller later became a groupie for THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW. In fact, Mrs. Miller was seen so many times on Television that AFTRA, the television performer's union forced her to join as a member.

Another ubiquitous fan was Lillian Lillian who seemed to appear at every show no matter where it was broadcast including Niagara Falls, Havana, Hollywood and Fort Worth, Texas. 

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