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Double R Bar Ranch - Frontier ranch seen on the action adventure western series THE ROY ROGERS SHOW/NBC/1951-57.

Roy Rogers Double R Bar Ranch
Roy and Dale in front of the original Double R Bar Ranch

The Double R Bar Ranch was located near the fictional town of Mineral City. It served as the headquarters for frontier good-guy Roy Rogers, "The King of the Cowboys" who fought for law and order with the help of Dale Evans, "The Queen of the West," and Pat Brady, their bumbling sidekick who drove a Jeep called Nellybelle.

Entrance to The Roy Rogers Double R Bar Ranch located in Oro Grande, California
Double R Bar Ranch in Oro Grande, California

The Double R Bar Ranch on the TV series was part of the 138-acre tract of land in Chatsworth, California owned by Roy Rogers. The rugged terrain of big rocks and hills and the convenience of nearby stables lent itself as an ideal setting for this cowboy adventure. Rogers' home was occasionally seen in some of the program footage.

The Double R Ranch is located on National Trails Highway about eight miles North of the D Street exit off Interstate 15 in Oro Grande, California near Victorville
Map to Roy's Ranch

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri

While the Roy Rogers Double R Bar Ranch still resides in Southern California, the The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum originally located off  Highway 15 in Victorville CA. moved to Branson, MO in 2003. Called The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum & Happy Trails Theater, it was located at 3950 Green Mountain Dr., just off Hwy. 76 behind Yakov Smirnoff's Theater.

In 2009, the museum closed due to a downturn in the economy and a decreased number of visitors. In July, 2010, Christie's Auction House conducted the sale of items from the museum, including Rogers' and Evans' performance outfits; the preserved remains of Trigger the Horse, and Bullet the dog; about 60 pairs of cowboy boots; the Rogers family dining table; Rogers’ 1964 Bonneville convertible, adorned with collectible silver dollars; and the Jeep "Nellybelle" from the Roy Rogers TV show.

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