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The High Chaparral Ranch - The western drama series THE HIGH CHAPARRAL/NBC/1967-71 followed the 1870s saga of the Cannon family and their to struggle to run the High Chaparral, a cattle ranch located in the Apache-infested, arid high dessert of the Arizona Territory.

The Cannon Family and Ranchhands - THE HIGH CHAPARRAL
Big John Cannon with family and ranch hands

Members of the Cannon family and ranch included:

  • Leif Ercikson as Big John Cannon, the family patriarch who married into the Montoya family after his wife died.
  • Linda Cristal  as John's wife, Victoria Montoya-Cannon
  • Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon, John's brother
  • Mark Slade as Blue Cannon, John's son and Victoria's stepson
  • Frank Silvera as Don Sebastian Montoya, Victoria's father and owner of the nearby Montoya ranch
  • Gilbert Roland as his brother, Don Domingo de Montoya
  • Henry Darrow as Manolito, Don Sebastian's son who lives at the High Chaparral ranch
  • Don Collier as Sam Butler, the ranch foreman
  • Bob Hoy as Joe Butler, a ranch hand and Sam's brother
  • Ted Markland as Reno, a ranch hand
  • Roberto Contreras as Pedro Carr, a ranch hand
  • Rudy Ramos as Wind, a half-Pawnee ranch hand
  • Jerry Summers as Ira Bean, a ranch hand
  • Rodolfo Acosta as Vasquero, a household helper

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