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Pine Hollow Stables - A riding school located in Willow Creek featured on the children's program THE SADDLE CLUB/YTV/2001-2003.

Series 2 - SADDLE CLUB

The Pine Hollow Stables were owned and managed by Mrs. Elizabeth Regnery, a.k.a. "Mrs. Reg"  (Catherine Wilkin). She inherited the riding school when her husband died. She has a psychic link to her horse's needs but that doesn't stop her from offering psychological advice other visitors to the stables.

In her earlier career, Mrs. Reg was a top notch horse rider, but she put aside her ambitions in that area to support her son, Max who was an up and coming horseman until he took a tumble from a horse while a member of the National Equestrian Team and had to retire. Now Elizabeth is proud to share Pine Hollow with Max who runs the Stables. He cares deeply about each and everyone of his students. Drew Regnery (Nikolai Nikolaeff), Max's cousin took over running Pine Hollow when Max took a job in at a breeding barn in France.

Other stable personnel included Red O'Malley (Nathan Phillips), the lead stable hand at Pine Hollow who has a wonderful rapport with the horses. 

Organizations at Pine Hollow included Pine Hollow's Horse Wise group, the rivals to the Cross County Pony Club, and "The Saddle Club"

The Saddle Club was formed by three girls who shared their adventures and experiences about riding the horses they loved at Pine Hollow Stables. The girls included:

  • Sophie Bennett as Stephanie 'Stevie' Lake, a tomboy. She rides a black stallion named Belle (originally called Blackie) that she found in the wilderness and nursed it back to health.
  • Keenan Macwilliam as Carole Hanson, an African American who rides a buckskin gelding named Starlight;
  • Lara Jean Marshall as Lisa Atwood, a petite "A" student and fashion conscious gal who rides a pony named Patch, but eventually gets Prancer, a chestnut thoroughbred mare.

Stephanie, Carole and Lisa - THE SADDLE CLUB


TRIVIA NOTE: Produced for Australia's ABC network, the children's series is based on the "The Saddle Club" book series written by Bonnie Bryant who originally based her characters in the state of Virginia.

When the series went into its third season, the original lead characters were recast with other younger actors. See also "The Saddle Club" fan site link below for facts about all three series, including all the horses on the show. See also WESTERNS: "The Saddle Club"

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