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Triple B Ranch - The name of a New York NBC radio kids quiz show that debuted on Saturday mornings in 1945.

Howdy Doody Marionette
Howdy Doody Puppet

Hosted by Bob Smith known as Big Brother Bob (hence the Triple B),  the program featured a slow-witted puppet  named Elmer who shouted  "Well, Howdy Doody!" to Bob Smith at the beginning of each show.

Soon after, Elmer was retired and a new puppet named Howdy Doody resurfaced on PUPPET PLAYHOUSE (known later as HOWDY DOODY)  that debuted December 27, 1947 on the NBC TV. 

Based in the circus town of Doodyville, The show was populated by such favorites as:

  • Buffalo Bob Smith, the show's host
  • John J. Fadoozle, America's Number One (Boing) Private Eye
  • Cornelius J. Cobb, the town's storekeeper
  • Flubadub, Howdy's exotic pet
  • Chief Thunderthud who shouted "Kowabunga";
  • Indian Princess Summerfall Winterspring
  • Clarabell the Clown

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