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Triple R Ranch - Boy's camp at which the freckle-faced Spin Evans (Tim Considine) and wealthy city boy Martin "Marty" Markham (David Stollery) stayed during the summer on the segments of SPIN AND MARTY and THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SPIN & MARTY and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SPIN & MARTY aired on the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB/ABC/1955-1958.

Triple R Ranch Insginia - SPIN AND MARTY

When Marty first arrives at the ranch he is afraid of horses and the outdoors in general. After a while, Spin Evans became his friend and the two had many adventures. They included:

  • Conquering Marty's fear of horses so he could learn to ride Skyrocket the horse
  • Fighting in a boxing grudge match after Spin put a frog in Marty's bunk
  • Preparing for a local rodeo with North Fork, a neighboring camp
  • Nursing Skyrocket back to health after a bout of pneumonia
  • Taking dancing lessons for the upcoming event
  • Participation in a swimming meet where Marty rescues Spin from drowning
  • Putting on a musical show with the help of the girls (Annette, Darlene, etc) from the nearby Lakeview Lodge to pay for the damages after Marty's car crashes into the camp kitchen.


Others in the cast included:

  • Roy Barcroft as Colonel Roy Logan, the Triple R ranch owner
  • Harry Carey, Jr. as Bill Burnett, the ranch foreman
  • J. Pat O'Malley as Perkins, Marty's butler
  • George Eldredge as Dr. Spaulding
  • Lennie Geer as Ollie, the wrangler
  • Sammee Tong as the cook
  • And the kids at camp:
    • Sammy Ogg as Joe
    • B. G. Norman as Ambitious
    • Roger Broaddus as Freddie
    • Tim Hartnagel as Speckle
    • Kevin Corcoran as Moochie
    • Darlene Gillespie as Darlene
    • Bonnie Fields as Bonnie
    • Don Agrati as Don
    • Lynn Ready as Lynn
    • And the girls of Circle H Ranch across the lake
      • Annette Funicello as Annette
      • Darlene Gillespie as Darlene

Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics

Way out there on the Triple R. Yippee yay, yippee yo,
The horses are the best by far. Yippee yay, yippee yo.
So saddle up boys and saddle up well,
And listen to the story that I have to tell.
Yippee yay, yippee yi, yippee yo.

Tenderfeet come to the Triple-R. Yippee yay hay yippee-o
They get on a horse but they don't get far. Yippee yay hay yippee-o
O around and around and around they trot
'til they can't set down on their tender spot
Yippee yay yippey ye ye hi yippee-o

TRIVIA NOTE: The Triple R ranch phone number is PIedmont 7-5321. The Spin and Marty episodes were based on the book "Marty Markham" written by Lawrence Edward Watkin. Outdoor location shots were filmed at Golden Oak Ranch, Iverson ranch, Sunshine Ranch in Canoga Park and Walker Canyon.

In the animated film Toy Story 2 (1999), Woody, the cowboy toy has a dream in which Andy comes back early from cowboy camp. Andy is wearing a t-shirt that reads "Triple R Ranch."

A made-for TV movie redo of the series entitled DISNEY'S THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SPIN & MARTY: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR aired in 2000 on the ABC Network starring David Gallagher as Marty and Jeremy Foley as Spin Evans.

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