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 First Words
Speaker First Spoken Words Program

Frederick Crane

"Norm" (his first baby word)    Cheers
Father to Son Uttered word "Tit" twice during a conversation in fall of 1997         Cracker
Baby (a dinosaur) "Smoo" (a vulgar word in the  prehistory town of Pangaea) Dinosaurs
Pebbles Flintstones Her first words were "Abba Gabba Goo." She was born at the Rockapedic Hospital on February 22, 10,000 B.C. at 8:00pm. The Flintstones
Emma Green-Gellar "Gleeba" (baby Emma's first word) Friends

Joannie Cunningham

"Hardware" (First baby word)               Happy Days
Bigfoot "Ernie" - The first word spoken by Bigfoot. Ernie was a little boy  that Bigfoot (a.k.a. "Harry") admired. Harry & The Hendersons
Clarabell Clown "Goodbye Kids!" (His first and only words - spoken on series last show)    Howdy Doody
Maya Gallo "Boat" (First baby word)          Just Shoot Me
Tobias Beecher "Cunt" (referring to a female judge that sentenced him to jail). The term was also used a year later in 1998 on the HBO cable drama Sex in the City. Oz
Maggie Simpson  "Dad-dee" (First word spoken as  a baby on 12/3/92 episode -  Elizabeth Taylor provided Maggie's voice). Bart's first word "Aye, Carumba!"; Lisa's first word "Bart"  The Simpsons
Rosie to Psychiatrist "I'm thinking maybe of having my tits done...I just thought maybe I'd have them fluffed up a bit." (First episode in fall of 1990) Trials of Rosie O'Neill
Fox Mulder "JFK" First spoken word as a baby per father Bill Mulder on show No. 79 The X-Files
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