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The Renegades - Special undercover group on the police drama RENEGADES/ABC/1983.

RENEGADES with Patrick Swayze as Bandit

The Renegades consisted of several gang members from around the city who were recruited by Lieutenant Frank Marciano (James Luisi) to help fight crime in Los Angeles. Basically, the gang members (in the spirit of MOD SQUAD) were given two choices: go to jail; or work for the police. Marciano reported to Captain Scanlon (Kurtwood Smith).

Members included:

  • Bandit (Patrick Swayze) of the Aces Gang
  • Eagle (Randy Brooks) of the Chiefs Gang
  • Tracy (Tracy Scoggins) from the Satin Dolls Gang
  • Dancer (Robert Thaler) of the Bombers Gang;
  • Dragon (Brian Tochi) of the Shanghai Shieks
  • Gaucho (Fausto Bara) of the Wild Cats Gang
  • J.T. (Paul Mones) of the Romans Gang

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