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William Tell - Legendary Swiss hero (played by Conrad Phillips) who battled Austrian bailiff, Gessler (Willoughby Goddard) known to the villagers of the Alps as "The Bear" on THE ADVENTURES OF WILLIAM TELL/SYN/1957-58.

Conrad Phillips as William Tell

Based in the district of Uri in the year 1290 A.D, Gessler forced the villagers of the Alps to pay the unfair taxes imposed by Emperor Frederick. When William Tell refused to kneel and recognize the  local authorities, the nefarious Gessler ordered Tell to shoot the apple off of his son's head. Aiming carefully, Tell skillfully succeeded in shooting the apple and then became an outlaw leading a resistance against the Emperor's tyranny. 

Theme Song Lyrics

Come away come away with William Tell
Come away to the land he loved so well
What a day What day when the apple fell
for Tell of Switzerland
Come away to Tell to the mountainside
Look down from the path where the tyrants ride
See a bolt See a blot and down they go
For Tell of Switzerland
Hurry Hurry up there's a dungeon cell
Hurry Hurry Up there's a noose as well
But we'll escape from the jaws of hell
for Tell of Switzerland

"William Tell" Song
based on the 'William Tell' overture
lyrics by Harold Purcell
sung by David Whitfield

Will Lyman as William Tell

The series CROSSBOW/CBN/1989 transplanted the legend of William Tell to Great Britain with Will Lyman as William Tell who battles Governor Hermann Gessler (Jeremy Clyde), the nemesis to the populace of medieval England.

The Australian produced adventure (16 episodes) THE LEGEND OF WILLIAM TELL/WAM/1998 starred Kieren Hutchison as William Tell, the legendary Swiss freedom fighter. Other cast included Andrew Binns as Xax; Nathaniel Lees as Leon; Katrina Browne as Aruna; Ray Henwood as Kreel; Sharon Tyrrell as Kalem; Beth Allen as Princess Vara; and Drew Neemia as Drogo.

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