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Asia & Pacific Island

(Includes China, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Pacific Ocean Islands)

Program Location
Adventures in Paradise/ABC/1959-62 South Pacific
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu/SYN/1956 Macao
Adventures of the Seaspray/SYN/1967-68 South Pacific
Andy's Gang ("Gunga The Elephant Boy" Segment)/NBC/1955-58 Bakore, India
Baa Baa Black Sheep/NBC/1976-77 Vella La Cava Isle
Barrier Reef/NBC/1971-72 Great Barrier Reef
Beachcomber/SYN/1961-62 Amura Island
Black Sheep Squadron/NBC/1977-78 Vella La Cava Isle
Broadside/ABC/1964-65 Ranakai Island
China Beach/ABC/1988-91 US Armed Forces R&R Facility, Da Nang, Vietnam
China Smith/SYN/1952-55 Singapore
Counterthrust/SYN/1959-60 .China & Far East
Ding Howe And The Flying Tigers/SYN/1950 South of China Near Town of Kunsang
Ensign O'Toole/NBC/1962-63/ABC/1964 South Pacific
Fantasy Island/ABC/1978-84 &1998-99 South Pacific Island
Far Pavilions/HBO/1984 British Occupied India
Frontier/THA/1968 Northern India
The Gale Storm Show/CBS/ABC/1956-60 Pacific & Atlantic
The Gallery of Madame Lui-Tsong/DUM/1951 Hong Kong
Gilligan's Island/CBS/1964-67 Uncharted South Pacific Island
The Ginger Tree/BBC/1989 1903 Manchurian War Zone
Hong Kong/ABC/1960-61 Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Beat/BBC/1978 Hong Kong
Hunter/SYN/1968 Southeast Asia
The Islanders/ABC/1960-61 Ambowina Island Off Coast Of Sumatra In The East Indies
Jack of All Trades/UPN/2000 Pulau Pulau Island in the East Indies
Kung Fu/ABC/1972-75 Hunan Province, China
It Ain't Half Hot, Mum/BBC/1974-81 Burma, India
The Jewel In The Crown/GRA/1984 India (1942-47)
The Love Boat/ABC/1977-86 Pacific & Atlantic
The Man From Atlantis/NBC/1977-78 Pacific & Atlantic
M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83 Korea, 1950s
Maya/NBC/1967-68 .Jungles of India
McHale's Navy/ABC/1962-66 Taratupa Island
Mr. Roberts/NBC/1965-66 South Pacific, 1940s
Monkey/BBC/1979-81 Ancient China
The New Adventures of China Smith/SYN/1954-55 Singapore
The New People/ABC/1969-70 Buamo Island
Operation Petticoat/ABC/1977-79 South Pacific
Ramar of the Jungle/SYN/1952-54 Jungles of India
Sea Hunt/SYN/1957-61/1987-88 Pacific & Atlantic
Sidekicks (The Last Electric Knight)/ABC/1986-87 Patasan
The Silent Service/SYN/1956-58 South Pacific
The Six O'Clock Follies/NBC/1980 Armed Forces TV Network, Saigon, Vietnam
Smilin' Ed's Gang ("Ghanga Rama" Segment)/NBC/CBS/ABC/1951-55 Bakore, India
Spearhead-In Hong Kong/SOU/1981 Hong Kong
Tales of the Gold Monkey/ABC/1982-83 Boragora Island
Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers/NBC/1956-57 Fort Oghara, India
Tenko/BBC/1981-84 Japanese POW Camps
Terry and the Pirates/SYN/1952 Singapore, Southeast Asia
Tour of Duty/CBS/1987-90 Vietnam
Traffik/C4/1989 North-West Pakistani Opium Farm
Ultraman/SYN/1966 Japan
Vietnam: A Television History/PBS/1983 Vietnam
Vietnam War Story/HBO/1987-88 Vietnam
The Vietnam War With Walter Cronkite/SYN/1986 Vietnam
Virgin Of The Street Service/ATV/1968 India
The Wackiest Ship in the Army/NBC/1965-66 South Pacific
The Water Margin/BBC/1976-78 14th Century China

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