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Australian Continent

(Includes surrounding islands & territories)

Program Location
Against the Wind/SYN/1978 New South Wales
Are You Being Served?/AUS/1980 Bone Brother's Department Store
Barrier Reef/NBC/1971-72 Great Barrier Reef
Dolphin Cove/CBS/1989 Dolphin Cove
Eureka Stockade/AUS/1983 Australia
The Flying Doctor/SYN/1959 Outback Country
Homicide/SYN/1965 Melbourne
Mother and Son/SYN/1983 Melbourne
Paradise Beach/SYN/1993-94 Australia's Gold Coast
Prisoner: Cell Block H/SYN/1979-81 Wentworth Detention Center, Melbourne
Round The Twist/ACT/1989 Lighthouse On Australian Coast
Round The Twist 2/ACT/1993 Lighthouse On Australian Coast
Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo/SYN/1969 Waratah National Park In Sydney
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga/FAM/1993-94 Langara Ranch Near Patterson Ridge
Stark/BBC/1993 Apochalyptic Australia
The Sullivans/SYN/1980 Suburban Melbourne
Taz-Mania/FOX/1991-94 Tasmania
Whiplash/SYN/1960-61 Outback Country
Woobinda-Animal Doctor/SYN/1978 Gottens Creek

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