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(Programs with "Globetrotting" characters)

Program Location
A-Team/NBC/1983-87 Worldwide
Biff Baker, U.S.A./CBS/1952-53 Worldwide
Captain Butler/CD/1997 Pirates Sail the Seven Seas
Danger Man/CBS/1961 Worldwide
Doorway to Danger/NBC/ABC/1951-53 Worldwide
The Falcon/SYN/1954-55 Worldwide
Fortune Hunter/FOX/1994 Worldwide
The Gale Storm Show/ABC/1956-60 Oceanic Voyages
High Performance/ABC/1983 Worldwide
The Hardy Boys Mysteries/ABC/1977-79 Worldwide
The Hunter/CBS/SYN/NBC/1952-54 Worldwide
Hunter/CBS/1977 Worldwide
I Spy/NBC/1965-68 Worldwide
International Detective/SYN/1959-60 Worldwide
It Takes a Thief/ABC/1968-70 Worldwide
King of Diamonds/SYN/1961-62 Worldwide
The Lloyd Bridges Show/CBS/1962-63 Worldwide
The Lone Wolf/SYN/1954 Worldwide
Lottery/ABC/1983-84 Worldwide
The Love Boat/ABC/1977-86 Oceanic Voyages
The Love Boat: The New Wave/ABC/1998-99 Oceanic Voyages
MacGyver/ABC/1985-92 Worldwide
A Man Called Sloane/NBC/1979-80 Worldwide
The Man Called X/SYN/1956 Worldwide
Man of the World/ATV/1962 Worldwide
The Man From U.N.C.L.E./NBC/1964-68 Worldwide
Masquerade/ABC/1983-84 Worldwide
Mission Impossible/CBS/1966-73/ABC/1988-90 Worldwide
Mr. and Mrs. Smith/CBS/1996 Worldwide
The Nancy Drew Mysteries/ABC/1977-78 Worldwide
Palace Guard/CBS/1991 Worldwide
Passport to Danger/SYN/1954-56 Worldwide
The Return of the Saint/ITC/1978-79 Worldwide
The Rogues/NBC/1964-65 Worldwide
The Saint/ATV/NBC/1962-69 Worldwide
Sally/NBC/1957-58 Worldwide
Secret Agent/SYN/CBS/1964-66 Worldwide
Seaquest DSV (Seaquest 2032)/NBC/1993-95 Oceanic Voyages
The Sentimental Agent/ATV/1966 Worldwide
Shadow of the Cloak/DUM/1951-52 Worldwide
Shannon/SYN/1961-62 Worldwide
Shirley's World/ABC/1971-72 Worldwide
Soldier of Fortune/SYN/1955-56 Worldwide
Steve Canyon/NBC/1958-59 .Worldwide
Stop Susan William/NBC/1979 Worldwide
The Stranger/DUM/1954 Worldwide
Under Cover/ABC/1991 Worldwide
Veritas: The Quest/ABC/2003 Worldwide
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/ABC/1964-68 Oceanic Voyages

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