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Latin America

(Includes Mexico, the West Indies, Central & South America)

Program Location
Acapulco/NBC/1961 Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco H.E.A.T./SYN/1993-94 Acapulco, Mexico
The Adventures of Long John Silver/SYN/1955-56 Porto Bello Island
The Adventures of the Sea Hawk/SYN/1958-59 Caribbean Area
Air America/SYN/1998-99 Latin America
Bold Venture/SYN/1959 Trinidad
Brett/BBC/1971 Mexico
The Buccaneers/CBS/1956-57 Nassau
Caribe/ABC/1975 Miami & Caribbean
Convoy/NBC/1965 Atlantic Ocean
Crunch and Des/SYN/1955-56 Bahamas & Florida Keys
Diver Dan/SYN/1960-61 Sargasso Sea
The Fantastic Journey/NBC/1977 Bermuda Triangle
The Feathered Serpent/THA/1976-78 Ancient Mexico
The Flying Nun/ABC/1967-70 Convent San Tanco, San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Gale Storm Show/CBS/ABC/1956-60 Atlantic & Pacific Oceans
Game, Set, Match/GRA/1988 .Mexico, London & Berlin
Glencannon/SYN/1958-59 Caribbean Area
Going To Extremes/ABC/1992-93 Island of Jantique
Great Escapes (Trade Winds)/NBC/1993 Isle Of St. Martin
Hurricanes/PAX/1996 Island Of Hispaniola
Land's End/SYN/1995-96 Cabo San Lucas In Baja California
The Love Boat/ABC/1977-86 Atlantic & Pacific
The Man From Atlantis/NBC/1977-78 Atlantic & Pacific
The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage/NBC/1991 San Pietro Island
Operation Neptune/NBC/1953 Atlantic Ocean
Pirate Tales/TBS/1997 Caribbean Area
Primus/SYN/1971 Nassau
The Return To Treasure Island/DIS/1986 Treasure Island
Riptide/SYN/1965 Bermuda
Robinson Crusoe/SYN/1964 Desert Island
Salty/SYN/1974-75 Nassau, Bahama
Santo Bugito/CBS/1995-96 Santo Bugito, Along The Mexican Border
Sea Hunt/SYN/1957-61/1987-88 Atlantic & Pacific
The Skatebirds/CBS/1977-78 Mystery Island
Strange Paradise/SYN/1969-70 Maljardin Island
Sweating Bullets/CBS/1991-94 Key Mariah
Swiss Family Robinson/ABC/1975-76 Desert Island
Swiss Family Robinson/SYN/1976 Desert Island
Tropic Holiday/NBC/1949 South America

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