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**(Billy Barty) Inch, the dwarf bartender and owner of the sleazy wharfside club called the "Shanty," frequented by Ace Crawford, private eye. Note: Billy Barty, the 3-foot-9 actor who founded Little People of America (LPA) in 1957, died on December 23, 2000 of heart failure, at the age of 76. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1981.

ADDAMS FAMILY/ABC/1964-66 (Little Person)
**(Felix Silla) Uncle Itt, a dwarf relative (covered head to toe with hair) who visited from time-to-time at the spooky home of eccentric millionaire, Gomez Addams (John Astin). Cousin Itt spoke in a strange high-pitch garbled language that only the Addams' could understand. Felix Silla immigrated to America from Rome, Italy, when he was sixteen. He found work with the Ringling Brothers Circus in New York and later traveled to California to work in show business. He has worked as Commodore P.O.P., a mascot for the Pacific Ocean Park amusement park; performed as a costumed character for Sid and Marty Krofft's Saturday-morning programs LIDSVILLE and H.R. PUFNSTUF; and as Twiki, the tiny robot companion on BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY.

BARETTA/ABC/1976 (Little Person)
**(Angelo Rossitto) Little Mo, a small shoe shine guy working in a large unnamed Metropolis. Moe provided information to streetwise police detective Tony Baretta and on occasion helped Tony with his undercover assignments.

(Little Person)
**(Felix Silla) Twiki, a three-foot silver robot who was companion to USA astronaut, Captain William "Buck" Rogers, a survivor from the 20th century. Dwarf actor Felix Silla played the man beneath the armor.

CHARMED/WB/1998-2006 (Little Person)
**(Niki Botelho) Elf Nanny, a diminutive enchanted caregiver who was hired as a nanny for Piper's new born baby on this supernatural drama On episode No. 97 "Sam I Am" Piper and Leo held interviews to find an appropriate babysitter for their soon-to-be born baby. After their initial meeting, Leo commented "That little elf? Got a big mouth." The Elf Woman told her potential employers that she didn't cook, did only "light" housekeeping and wondered if she was "expected to protect the baby from the incessant demon attacks."

CHARMINGS/ABC/1987-88 (Little Person)
**(Cork Hubbert) Luther, a dwarf who magically awoke in the 20th century after a 1000 year spell along with Prince Charming, Snow White, and the evil stepmother Queen Lillian who originally cast the spell which made them sleep a millennium.

CIRCUS BOY/NBC/ABC/1956-58 (Little Person)
**(Billy Barty) Little Tom, the dwarf who traveled with the Burke & Walsh circus, a turn-of-the-century frontier circus owned by Big Tim Champion.

CLUB OASIS/NBC/1957-58 (Little Person)
*(Billy Barty) Dwarf Billy Barty (as himself) was a regular on this variety program set in a fictional nightclub called the Club Oasis.

CONAN: THE ADVENTURER/SYN/1997-98 (Little Person)
*(Danny Woodburn/costar) Otli, the dwarf companion of the mighty warrior Conan the Barbarian who traveled the ancient world in search of adventure. Another member of the team was Zzeben, a bald, mute gladiator played by Robert McRay.

DANGER THEATRE/FOX/1993 (Little Person)
**(Bill Morrissette) Tom McCormick, a dwarfish detective who took orders from bumbling Captain Mike Morgan on the segment entitled TROPICAL PUNCH. When a suspect needed to be arrested, Mike said "Tom, cuff 'em, book 'em!" (a parody of signature catchphrase "Book'em Danno" spoken by Jack Lord in his role as Detective Steve McGarrett on the classic cop show HAWAII FIVE-O).

DIFF'RENT STROKES/NBC/ABC/1978-86 (Little Person)
*(Gary Coleman/costar) Gary Coleman, the 10-year old black star of this popular sitcom (two black youths adopted by a Park Avenue millionaire) was born with a congenital kidney problem. He got a new kidney at the age of five from a Greek boy at Children's Memorial Hospital. Each December 18th (date of his first operation) Gary gives a birthday party for his kidney. Coleman has had additional kidney transplants over the years. His smaller stature is attributed to his kidney condition.

DR. SHRINKER/ABC/1977 (Scientist Shrinks People)
*(Jay Robinson) Dr. Shrinker, a crazed scientist who shrunk humans via radiation with the aide of his little assistant (Billy Barty) on a segment of the KROFFT SUPERSHOW/ABC/1976-77). Dr. Shrinker used a large four-foot, multicolor barrel device stored in his laboratory to shrink his victims. The same machine would reverse the process. Note: The show resurrected the idea of a shrinking machine from the 1940 sci-fi film Dr. Cyclops starring Albert Dekker as an other crazed scientist who shrank humans and animal and kept them locked in tiny laboratory cages.

FAMILY LAW/CBS/1999-2002 (Little Person)
**(Meredith Eaton) Emily Resnick, a feisty four-foot, three-inch attorney working for the law firm of Holt & Associates in Los Angeles. Although short in stature, this doesn't effect Emily's resolve to win cases for her clients. The Emily Resnick character first appeared in the Fall 2001 season.

FANTASY ISLAND/ABC/1978-84 (Little Person & Injured leg)
*(Herve Villechaize/costar) Tattoo, a 3-foot 11-inch mischievous manservant dressed in a white suit who worked on the mysterious Fantasy Island where dreams came true. When the airplane bearing guests to the island was seen on the horizon, Tattoo rushed to ring the bell in the mansion tower. There he bellowed his catchphrase, "De plane!, De plane!" Villechaize left the series in 1983 over a salary dispute. In 1988, Villechaize wrote "I am a man trapped in a boy's body. I accept it. But I do not have to like it." On September 4, 1994 Herve Villechaize mortally shot himself in the chest on the patio of his Los Angeles home. A suicide note revealed that, although he "loved everybody," he could no longer bear his ailments. He had suffered medical problems from his undersized lungs and nearly died of pneumonia the year before. The Paris-born actor wanted to allow a doctor specializing in dwarfism to study his remains and then he wanted to be cremated and his ashes distributed at sea. Trivia Note: Ricardo Montalban who costarred on the series also had a physical disability. Back in 1951, Montalban was thrown from his horse while portraying an Indian in Across the Wide Missouri, a western starring Clark Gable. He landed on his back and suffered a spinal hemorrhage. The Mexican born-actor still had a telltale limp from that accident.

FORD FESTIVAL/NBC/1951-52 (Little Person)
*(Billy Barty) Dwarf Billy Barty (as himself) was a regular on this 1950s musical variety series.

FOUL PLAY/ABC/1981 (Little Persons)
**(Greg & John Rice) Ben and Beau, a friendly pair of twin brothers (who happened to be dwarfs) living in San Francisco. They were the landlords of a beautiful librarian. In reality, the Rice Brothers were successful real estate entrepreneurs. See also "That **** Quiz Show."

GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70 (Little Person)
**(Michael Dunn) Mr. Big, an evil dwarf working for the criminal organization KAOS. On the series pilot Mr. Big, steals a Doomsday Machine, kidnaps its inventor, and threatens to destroy major cities of the world unless he's paid $100 million. Another KAOS agent named The Claw (played by Leonard Strong) was the head of the Chinese branch of KAOS. He has a false left arm with a magnet for a left hand. He operates from the Shanghai a-Go-Go and a Chinese laundry in San Francisco. His name is pronounced "Craw, not Craw."

HALF-NELSON/NBC/1985 (Little Person)
*(Joe Pesci) Rocky Nelson, a short New York cop who moved west to pursue an acting career but ended up working as a private eye.

IN LIVING COLOR/FOX/1990-94 (Little Person)
*(Damon Wayans/costar) The Tiny Avenger, dwarfish blonde person who  occasionally assisted Clark Bent, a black mailroom man who worked for the Daily Glove newspaper. Clark's alter ego was Handi-Man, a physically challenged superhero with gnarled hands who fought the likes of Doctor Naughty (Jim Carrey), who hated the handicapped because he once received a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot.  After vanquishing the bad guys Handi-man said "Never underestimate the powers of the handicapped."

TRIVIA NOTE: The show also featured a strangely handicapped police officer called THE HEAD DETECTIVE, (Damon Wayans) so named because all he was...was a head sitting on a pair of shoes with a small pair of arms sprouting from his neck. He worked undercover with a police officer named Adam (Keenan Ivory Wayans) who carried "Head" around in a bowling bag. According to the series script the Head Detective was "Built sort of like a Mr. Potato Head: his hands are attached to flexible rods which come out of his ears, and his head rests on two large floppy shoes. A gun is permanently stuck to the palm of one hand, and a police badge is permanently stuck to the palm of the other. The hands sway up and down on a flexible rod." Another handicapped character was Mr. Macavey (played by David Alan Grier), a high school teacher with the responsibilities of monitoring hallways. He carried around a miniature bull horn and hobbled about on his shatter hip. He injured himself playing an innocent game of Twister. As his character said "Left hand. Blue dot. That's all she wrote."

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