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Mentally Impaired

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DUMB AND DUMBER/ABC/1995 (Intellectually Challenged)
*(Voices of Bill Fagerbakke & Matt Frewer) Harry Christmas & Lloyd Dunne, two brainless losers who drive around the country in their Dogmobile. The animated series was based on the feature film Dumb and Dumber (1994) starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. The movies tagline read: "For Harry and Lloyd every day is a no-brainer."

ER/NBC/1994-2009 (Bi-polar Depressive & Mentally Challenged)
**(Sally Field) Maggie Wyczenski, the bi-polar mother of Chicago ER nurse Abby Lockhart. Abby was a former medical student who quit medical school one year shy of graduating and took a job as an ER nurse. Her mother's character, Maggie first appeared on episode "The Visit (a.k.a. I loved you , God, How I loved You") on November 16, 2002 when Maggie - now off of her medication for her bi-polar condition - unexpectedly visits Abby at her work and ups the stress level in Abby's already stressful existence as a recovering alcoholic. Sally Field's remarkable portrayal of a person with a bi-polar condition earned her an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series. Field continued her recurring role as Maggie Wyczenski in episode No.140 "Rescue Me" on November 23, 2002); No.144 "The Dance We Do" (a.k.a. Rapid Cycling) on December 7th, 2002; episode No.155 "Sailing Away" on April 21, 2001 when Maggie runs off to Oklahoma, locks herself in a motel room and later attempts suicide with sleeping pills); episode No.156 "Fear of Commitment" on May, 3, 2001 when Abby goes to court and successfully argues a 90-day psych hold for her mother; episode No.157 "Where the Heart Is" (a.k.a. Taking Care, a.k.a. Mea Culpa) on May 10, 2001 when Maggie announces plans to move back to her birthplace of Minneapolis while Abby confesses to Maggie that she was once pregnant but had an abortion for fear the child might have a bipolar condition); episode No.169 "Beyond Repair" (un-credited voice only); and episode No.188 "First Snowfall" on November 21, 2002. Abby's brother Eric, an Air Force air-traffic controller seems to be exhibiting signs of depression (PDSD - Prolonged Duress Stress Disorder, a precursor to PTSD - Post Traumatic Distress Disorder). His condition (and his resulting AWOL) won him a discharge from the service. He only looks normal because he takes his medications. Both Abby and her mother Maggie showed up to lend him support during his discharge proceedings. Where Eric will go and how he will accept his condition are still up in the air. It's like being in AA. Before Eric can get better, he must first want to help himself.

**(Marcello Thedford) Leon, a mentally deficient 27-year-old African-American brother of Chicago-based Dr Gregory Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) Dr. Pratt has looked after and cared for Leon since the man had a head injury on the streets of Detroit. Before the accident, Pratt's mom had taken Leon into their house when he was only nine-years-old. Although Leon can be as sweet and as lovely as a small child, his strength and large beefy physique can make him an ominous foe when he gets excited or becomes violent. Dr. Pratt keeps Leon a secret from his colleagues at Cook County General because he is too proud to ask for help. Despite Pratt's advise for Leon to stay in the apartment and out of trouble, the easily-duped Leon gets involved with street gang members who were just using Leon. As Doctor Pratt confided to a medical colleague "I try to keep him out of trouble but he wants his own friends. He wants to be cool. But they talk him into doing things." On one occasion Pratt came home to find Leon knifed and seriously bleeding. When upset Leon yells for "G," his nickname for Dr. Gregory Pratt. Once Leon left the apartment and got lost. He remembered that Dr. Pratt worked at the hospital and showed up looking for him. Frantically yelling "G!", Leon wandered the halls of the emergency department, while many onlookers, not knowing his mental condition, just thought he was a crazy guy. Security guards called to subdue Leon, soon learned what a handful he could be. Luckily, Dr. Pratt arrived in time to ease the situation and then took Leon home. When luckless Leon was fired from his menial job for stealing, once again Dr. Pratt went to bat for him. But when Leon and a friend were involved in the shooting of cop, and Leon cried "I'm sorry "G". I don't want to go to jail," Pratt sent Leon away to his Aunt Rose in Baltimore. The Leon character debuted on the ninth season episode "Dead Again" that aired 10/03/2002.

FEELING FREE/PBS/1978 (Various Handicaps)
*30-Minute educational series designed to ease "mainstreaming" of handicapped children into normal school systems and life. It featured regulars performing in studios and on location.

JUST SHOOT ME/NBC/1997-2003 (Fakes Mental Retardation)
**(David Cross) Donnie, a full-grown man who fakes his childlike "slowness" to get his family to wait on him hand and foot. Donny spends his day's watching TV, and rambling such silly phrases as "Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie-e-e-e-e!" and "My doggie smiles with his tail." When Donnie's older brother, Elliott (Enrico Colantoni) invited a beautiful coworker named Maya Gallo (Laura San Giacomo) to a family get together, Donny approached her, revealed his ruse and then hit on her for a date while whispering in confidence "This is the sweetest scam in the world." Donnie's affliction began when he was 18-years-old and only one day away from starting his job at the plant. To keep from accepting life's responsibilities, he faked a head injury by falling out of a tree while looking for a Frisbee tossed by Elliott (who blames himself for the accident). After Donnie's deception is finally uncovered, he sighs "Crap now I got to get a job." Donnie tried to become normal and even got a job selling insurance. But the pressure got to him and he again faked incapacitation after being hit over the head. Now his mother feigns over him and Donnie is just loving it. He rationalized taking advantage of his mother because she needs to be needed.

KATE & ALLIE/CBS/1984-89 (Mentally Retarded)
**(Michael Countryman) Louis, a slightly retarded young man befriended by Chip Lowell (Frederick Koehler) early in the 1986 season of this popular sitcom set in Greenwich Village, New York City. Louis was found living in an abandoned building after his mother had died. Louis loved TV and often quoted phrases from the PRICE IS RIGHT. Kate & Allie helped Louis find shelter at the Waverly House, a home that assisted the mentally handicapped. Later in the series Louis found a girlfriend named Catherine (Deidre O'Connell) who worked at a ceramic shop. The KATE & ALLIE series was honored by the Special Olympics Committee for creating an awareness of the mentally retarded.

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