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Speech Impaired

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**(Oris Orhuero) Rongar, a black, knife-throwing mute sailor who accompanied Sinbad the Sailor on his ancient mid-eastern voyages. He had his tongue cut out for not betraying his brother.

*(Andy Devine) Jingles, the shrill-voiced sidekick of US frontier Marshal James Butler Hickok. Andy Devine's characteristic raspy high-pitched voice was the result of a childhood accident when he jabbed a curtain rod through the roof of his mouth. Andy Devine also hosted the children's program ANDY'S GANG in the 1950s.

CONAN: THE ADVENTURER/SYN/1997-98 (Little Person & Mute) *(Danny Woodburn/costar) Otli, the dwarf companion of the mighty warrior Conan the Barbarian who traveled the ancient world in search of adventure. Another member of the team was Zzeben, a bald, mute gladiator played by Robert McRay.

**(Karron Graves) Katie Larson, a dolphin researcher's daughter who hadn't spoken since her mother's death.

87TH PRECINCT/NBC/1961-62 (Deaf/Mute)
*(Gina Rowlands/costar) Teddy Carella, the deaf mute wife of New York police detective, Steve Carella (Robert Lansing). Some critics called her performance "magical." The characters were based on the novel "Cop Haters" (1956) written by Ed McBain.

*(Ernie Kovacs) Eugene, a seemingly mute, blithe spirit of a man dressed in a hat and tight fitting plaid jacket who wandered through a menagerie of television visual and audio effects. He first appeared on a 10/15/56 in a sketch called "Library Bit" where Eugene opened the classic novel Camille and heard the sound of a delicate cough.

FEELING FREE/PBS/1978 (Various Handicaps)
*30-Minute educational series designed to ease "mainstreaming" of handicapped children into normal school systems and life. It featured regulars performing in studios and on location.

THE JACK PAAR SHOW/NBC/1957-62 (Stutterer)
*(Jack Paar) Jack Paar, a popular late night talk show host, stuttered badly as a child. Attempting to cure himself of this embarrassing condition, he followed the advice of the ancient Greek orator, Demosthenes (a stutterer) who cured himself by filling his mouth with pebbles and making speeches to the sea. Having no seas near Canton, Ohio, Paar made do with his living room and with buttons from his mother's sewing basket. He later went to work at a Michigan radio station at the age of 16 and began his climb up the ladder to celebrity status. During highly emotional events Paar exhibited traces of stuttering.

JESSE/NBC/1998-2000 (Artificial Mute)
**(John Lehr) John "Junior" Warner, a deep-thinking auto mechanic who refuses to talk "until he can find a more efficient use of the language." He broke his silence, later in the series.

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