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Visually Impaired

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THE AGENCY/CBS/2001-2003 (Colorblind)
**(Jason O'Mara) A. B. Stiles, CIA agent investigating terrorist activities inside and outside of the United States. On episode #24 "Air Lex" Stiles informs agent Terri Lowell that he is colorblind. Stiles' character was introduced in the fall 2002 season

ALL IN THE FAMILY/CBS/1971-83 (Blind)
**(Bill Quinn) Mr. Edgar Van Ranseleer, an elderly blind man who regularly sat on a corner bar stool of Kelsey's Bar and Grille, a neighborhood tavern located in Queen's section of New York City. He always wore a hat, dark glasses and carried a cane. When Kelsey's was sold and renamed "Archie Bunker's Place" Mr. Ranseleer was still a prominent fixture.

APPLE PIE/ABC/1978 (Blind)
**(Jack Gilford) Grandpa Hollyhock, a loudmouthed, senile, old blind man who answered a newspaper ad in the Kansas City Gazette placed by a lonely woman who wanted a family. He applied as the Grandfather. Grandpa complained about politics especially, the Roosevelt Administration and his inability to read the newspaper funnies (He "smells" them).

BABYLON5/SYN/TNT/1993-99 (Injured eye)
**(Andreas Katsulas) G'kar, the ambassador to the planet Narn who lives aboard the space station Babylon 5. During the fourth season, G'Kar suffers humiliation and torture by the Centauri Emperor and has his left eye plucked out. Despite his wounds, he remains committed to peace and worked with his enemy Londo Mollari to benefit his Narn home world.

BECKER/CBS/1998-2004 (Blind)
**(Alex Desert) Jake Malinak, the blind black man who operates the newspaper and candy concession stand inside a Bronx diner. He is the reluctant confidant of Dr. Becker, a Caucasian physician who frequents the joint and rambles on about how rotten things are in the world. He lost his sight in a car accident while in high school. Both Jake and his friend (who was driving) were drinking. Once when frustrated, Jake shouted ”Don’t screw with me. I’m blind and I sell chiclets for a living!” Jake was a three time National Scrabble Champion (he won once).

*(Ron Eldard) Detective Jim Dunbar, NYPD detective blind in the line of duty when he saved the lives of three officers against a gunman with a AK-47. A devoted criminologist, Jim wants to return to work and do what he does best. But with a wife who lacks faith in his ability to rejoin his career, and a new partner who doesn't think she can rely on him in his current condition, Jim has a huge mountain to climb over before he can successfully work his way back on the streets as a detective instead of opting for desk duty or early retirement. As the program tagline said," He lost his sight, not his vision." The series is based on characters in the mystery novel "Death by Hollywood written by writer/producer Steven Bochco. Every episode was broadcast with video description for the visually impaired available as Secondary Audio Programming. It was the first ABC scripted series to offer this option. Unique visual effects give us a window on what Dunbar "sees" with his remaining senses.

(Injured Eye)
*(Boris Karloff) Colonel March, an intrepid, one-eyed Scotland Yard inspector based in London who worked as the head of Department D-3, the office of Queen's complaint's. Colonel March wore a black eye patch over his left eye.

COLUMBO/NBC/1971-78/ABC/1989-91 (Injured Eye)
*(Peter Falk) Peter Falk, best known for his Emmy award winning role as the rumpled but clever Los Angeles police detective, Lt. Columbo. At the age of three, Peter lost his right eye in surgery to a malignant tumor. He was self conscious about his handicap until he started to play baseball. Once, as the story goes, an umpire made a questionable call at a little league game and a very angry young Peter pulled his false eye from his head, handed it to the umpire and declared "Here you need this more than I do!" Years later Peter's dark brown eye and the squint caused by his false right eye contributed to an air-of-menace and benevolent detachment that established his acting presence on such drama programs BOB HOPE PRESENTS THE CHRYSLER THEATRE/NBC/1963-67; THE DUPONT SHOW OF THE WEEK/NBC/1961-64; THE UNTOUCHABLES/ABC/1959-63 (Nate Selko, a thug); THE DICK POWELL SHOW/NBC/1961-63 (Outstanding single performance by an actor in a leading role in the "Price of Tomatoes"). His first successful TV series was the law drama THE TRIALS OF O'BRIEN/CBS/1965-66 where he played Daniel J. O'Brien a talented and expensive New York attorney. In the fall of 1989, Peter Falk reprised his role of Columbo on the newly filmed episodes of COLUMBO for ABC's MONDAY MYSTERY MOVIE.

THE COSBY SHOW/NBC/1984-92 (Dyslexic)
**(Malcolm-Jamal Warner) Theodore "Theo" Huxtable, a fourteen-year-old African American teenager living at home. His catchphrase is "No problem," but there was a problem. For years, Theo's parents were frustrated with his study habits and inability to apply himself in his school work. Finally, in his teenage years, he was diagnosed with a dyslexic reading disorder (Episode No.129. "Theo's Gift"). With special help, Theo's grades and outlook on life steadily improved as he pursued a college degree at New York University. Theo, the former underachiever, eventually graduated to the relief of his successful parents, Cliff Huxtable, a doctor and Clair Huxtable, a lawyer. On episode No.175/176 "Theo and the Kids," Theo interns as a 7th grade junior counselor at the community center and discovers a boy named Stanley who refuses to do his homework and is unable to read a book. Theo realizes the boy has dyslexia and consequently tells Stanley about his own bout with dyslexia. As a favor to Theo, Stanley agrees to be tested for his learning disability.

**(Christopher Gorham) August "Auggie" Anderson, a quirky, blind CIA military intelligence/special ops officer who used to be a field agent until he was blinded during a mission in Iraq. He now works from behind a desk and guides Annie Walker (Piper Parabo), a rookie CIA agent through her missions from the safety of Langley. Auggie's computer is fitted with braille interfaces on the keyboards.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES/NBC/1965+ (Injured Eye)
**(Stephen Nichols) Steve "Patch" Johnson, a troubled young man with a black patch over his left eye who was partial to wearing a black leather jacket and grunting such phrases as "Babe" and "Hey, Dude." His eye was damaged by a knife blade. Stephen Nichols was originally slated to appear three times on the soap opera as Bo's one-time friend, but soon Patch became a recurring character on the program. In 1988, Patch became romantically involved with Kayla (a nurse) and made love on the roof of her apartment building. Later while on a special undercover assignment, Patch lost his trademark eye patch temporarily to play a two-eyed man from Peach Tree, Georgia.

EARLY EDITION/CBS/1996-2000 (Blind)
*(Shanesia Davis-Williams/costar) Marissa Clark, a beautiful black but blind receptionist who assists a young stockbroker with a magical newspaper that reveals tomorrow's news today. Davis, who is sighted, researched her role with the Chicago Guild of the Blind. Gary purchased Marissa a seeing-eye dog named Spike from profits won in an OTB parlor playing the horses with paper's information.

*(Voice of Jim Backus) Mr. Quincy Magoo, a stubborn, nearly blind old man who refused to admit to his nearsightedness. Each week on this animated series, Magoo took on the guise of historical or literary figures like William Tell, Friar Tuck, Long John Silver, Cyrano, Rip Van Winkle and Don Quixote. The myopic Mr. Magoo character debuted as a theatrical released cartoon in Ragtime Bear (9/29/1949) and continued through a series of 52 cartoons for UPA from 1950-59. Other credits to his name were the classic animated Dickens special "A Christmas Carol" (12/18/62) and the revised version of his character in the animated series WHAT'S NEW, MR. MAGOO/CBS/1977-78 with his nephew Waldo and his nearsighted white talking dog, McBarker. In 1997 the Disney multimedia conglomerate produced the film Mr. Magoo starring Leslie Nielsen which featured a disclaimer at the end of the film expressing that no harm was meant to those blind or sight impaired.

FEELING FREE/PBS/1978 (Various Handicaps)
*30-Minute educational series designed to ease "mainstreaming" of handicapped children into normal school systems and life. It featured regulars performing in studios and on location.

THE FLASH/CBS/1990-91 (Blind)
**(Robert Shayne) Reggie, a blind newsstand operator who recognizes the voice of police chemist Barry Allen, (a.k.a. "The Flash")

*(Peter Madden/costar) Dr. Harrison, a blind physician supervising medical facilities at an Australian outback hospital. He was assisted by a nurse and American doctor on leave from a San Francisco research institute.

FUNNY FACE/CBS/1971 (Eye Injury)
*(Sandy Duncan) While filming her Emmy award nominated role as Sandy Stockton, a UCLA student and struggling actress, (a.k.a. "Funny Face"), Sandy Duncan suffered severe headaches during the shooting of the 13th show. Physicians discovered a fibroid tumor the size of a walnut behind her left eye pressing against her optic nerve. During a lengthy operation at UCLA Medical Center on November 1, 1971, doctors removed a portion of her skull and cut away the growth. She sailed through the procedure but lost the vision in her left eye. Ms. Duncan later starred in THE SANDY DUNCAN SHOW/CBS/1972 continuing her role as the cute, perky Sandy Stockton. In later years she appeared as Missy Anne on the miniseries ROOTS/ABC/1977-78; and in a number of musical revivals of such shows as The Music Man, The Sound of Music, The Boy Friend, and Peter Pan. In 1987, she took over the reins of the sitcom THE HOGAN FAMILY/NBC/CBS/1986-91 as divorced school counselor, Sandy Hogan.

**Willy Jefferson, a visually handicapped man who ran a newspaper stand near Moylan's Tavern in New York City.

GOOD AND EVIL/ABC/1991 (Blind)
**(Mark Blankfield) George, a newly blinded psychiatrist who was in love with Genny, a microbiologist and heir to a perfume fortune. George guided himself with red-tipped cane. On the first episode, he demolished a chemistry lab filled with glass beakers, tests tubes and the like when he waved his red-tipped cane through the air attempting to find his way around the lab.

JAG/NBC/CBS/1995-2005 (Night blindness)
*(David James Elliott) Harmon Rabb, Jr., Lt. Commander and pilot in the Navy who was diagnosed with night blindness. As the program's opening narration explained: "Following in his father's footsteps as a naval aviator Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rad, Jr. suffered a crash while landing his Tomcat on a storm tossed carrier at sea. Diagnosed with night-blindness, Harm transferred to the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corp which investigates, defends and prosecutes the law of the sea. There, with fellow JAG lawyer Major Sarah McKenzie, he now fights in and out of the courtroom with the same daring and tenacity that made him a Top Gun in the air." A few years later Harm discovers that his night blindness had been misdiagnosed and with corrective eye surgery he would be able to return to active duty. Harm undergoes laser surgery to cure his night-blindness on episode #81 "Second Sight" (aired April 27, 1999). Then, on episode No. 84 "Yeah Baby" (aired May 18, 1999) Harm, at age 35 and with his eyesight fixed, decides to submit a request to be transferred to a fighter squadron. But, with some second thought on the matter, Harm decides to stay with JAG. However, when ever the situation arose, Harm willingly took to the air in the service of his country.

JOHN DOE/FOX/2002-2003 (Colorblind)
*(Dominic Purcell) John Doe, a mysterious stranger with amnesia who surfaces in Seattle. John has an encyclopedic knowledge on seemingly every known fact but is colorblind. His visual condition is apparently psychological because when he sees certain objects or persons, he perceives them in color. Are these objects clues to whom he really is and from whence he came? To simulate John's colorblind condition, objects and persons are seen in grainy black and white when seen through his eyes. Otherwise, the show is filmed in color.

KEY WEST/FOX/1993 (Blind)
**(Ivory Ocean/costar) Roosevelt "King" Cole, a blind publisher & editor of The Meteor, a Key West Publication.

KUNG FU/ABC/1972-75 (Blind)
**(Keye Luke) Master Po (a.k.a. "Old Man"), a blind Shaolin Buddhist monk living in the Hunan Province of China in the later half of the 1800's. Seen mostly in flashback sequences, Master Po was the mentor of an orphaned boy (part Chinese and American) named Kwai Chang Caine, who later (as a grown man) fled China after avenging the murder of Master Po. To make Po look blind, opaque contact lenses were inserted into the actor's eyes. Tiny holes were drilled into the contacts so Luke could see a bit. On episode No.9 "A Praying Mantis Kills" (3-15-73) Master Po spoke to Caine in the garden of the Shaolin temple.

Master Po: The monarch butterfly rests itself on the young cherry blossom.
Young Caine: You are blind. How do you see this, Master?
Master Po: I see it with my history. I smell it is spring. I know the monarch loves the cherry. I feel the flutter of disturbed air. All this speaks to me.
Young Caine: Sometimes, I feel strange...You make it seem better to be blind.
Master Po: You are learning.

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