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Everybody's got a hobby - even characters on television.
Here are their hobbies and/or the things they collect.

Hobby / Collection Character Program
Model Trains Gomez Addams / Lawyer   Addams Family
Doorknobs   Aunt Clara / Witch     Bewitched
Bird Watching Miss Hathaway / Secretary Beverly Hillbillies
Gun Collection  J. C. Dithers / Architect Blondie
Butterflies    Ben Parkinson / Dentist  Butterflies
Barbie dolls  Kelly Gaines / Rich Girl    Cheers
Knitting Emma / Brent's Mom Corner Gas
Toy Trolls Agent Garcia / Computer Tech Criminal Minds
Tin Foil   Maynard G. Krebs / Beatnik   Dobie Gillis
Troll Dolls     Mimi Bobeck / Secretary     Drew Carey Show
Back Scratchers  Barbara Weston / Cop Empty Nest
Nativity Figurines Emma Buchanan / Widow   Five Mrs. Buchanans
Stamp Collecting, Viking  History & Cheese Making Rose Nylund / Widow  The Golden Girls
Model Airplanes Dave Lewis / Deejay     Good Morning, World  
Beer Can Collection Bobby Tannen      Good Sports
Folk Songs Oliver Douglas / Farmer  Green Acres
Growing Petunias Ichabod Adams / Mayor Ichabod & Me
Franklin Mint All-Nations Dolls Sonny Mann / Pianist    It's A Living
Ceramic Kittens & Action Figures    Dennis Finch / Exec. Asst.  Just Shoot Me
China Collection     Hyacinth Bucket / Snob   Keeping Up Appearances
Moth Collection  Squiggy / Truck Driver    Laverne & Shirley
TV Guides  Vinton Harper / Locksmith Mama's Family
Playboy & Big 'Uns   Al Bundy / Shoe Salesman Married...with Children
Barbie Dolls   Marcy Darcy / Bank Employee  Married...with Children
Old Coins  Ben Matlock / Attorney  Matlock
Hanger Collection Angela / Teenage Friend Mr. Belvedere
Fortune Cookies   Mike Nesmith / Musician The Monkees
Porcelain Bunnies Marilyn Munster / Niece  The Munsters Today
First Lady Dolls  Corky Sherwood / TV Reporter Murphy Brown
Antique Cars    Bernard Manzini / Collector My Mother the Car
Bird Watching George Utley / Handyman Newhart
British Royalty-iana  Christine Sullivan / Lawyer  Night Court
Antique Whoopee Cushions & Mel Torme stuff Harry Stone / Judge Night Court
Growing Orchids Nero Wolfe / Eccentric Sleuth Nero Wolfe
Pigeon Breeding   Bobby Simone / Detective   NYPD Blue
Salt Water Tropicals   Andy Sipowicz / Detective  NYPD Blue
H0 Scale Trains     Gus Witherspoon / Engineer Our House
Spoons & Star Trek  Jerry Steiner / Student    Parker Lewis Can't Lose
My Little Ponies   Shelly Lewis / Student   Parker Lewis Can't Loose
Doll Collection Margeaux Kramer / Student Punky Brewster
Doll Heads      D. J. Conner/Youngster  Roseanne
TV Guides  Frank Costanza / Retiree Seinfeld
Bottle Caps   Bert / Muppet   Sesame Street
Hummel Figurines    Selma / DMV Worker   The Simpsons
Snow Globes   Mike Weber  / Minister Soul Man
Fencing & Old Guns Mr. Sulu / Navigator  Star Trek
Orchid Breeding    Tuvok / First Officer  Star Trek Voyager
Thimbles Mary Albright / Professor  3rd Rock From the Sun
Shirley Temple Figurines Kitty Forman That 70s Show
Airplane Memorabilia Joe Hackett / Pilot       Wings
Butterfly Collection  Duncan Milch  /  Teenager  Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane

                             Reed:     We are the followers of the Science of Nature.
                              Alex:     Science of Nat... Oh, my God! You've joined a cult.
                             Reed:     It's not a cult. It's a collective.
                              Alex:     What do you collect? Stamps? Coins?

                                                            -- Sisters

            Billy:            So this is really it? You are leaving me for a guy who
                               has an E. T. doll on his bed.
             Jen:            It's called a collector's item.
            Billy:            Its a doll!

                                                   -- Dawson's Creek

            "Philately can be a very rewarding pastime if you give it a chance.
            Stamps are beautiful.  They're a good investment.  And they can't kill
            you like a gun! I mean, what's the worst that can happen - a paper cut
            on your tongue?" 

                                                  -- Simon, Eerie Indiana

 "He already has a hobby. Sulking."

                               --Melissa, Thirtysomething

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