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Bundy House - The humble home of Al & Peggy Bundy on the situation comedy MARRIED...WIT CHILDREN/FOX/1990-1998.


Located at 9674 Jeopardy Lane Chicago, Illinois (phone number: 555-2878) the Bundy's live with and their son, Bud "Budrick" Franklin, daughter, Kelly and a dog named Buck.

"Dad had one great dream, a dream that had been handed down from generation to generation of male Bundys. To build their own room and live separately from their wives. Sadly, they all failed." -- Al Bundy

The Bundy Household
A dysfunctional night with the Bundy family - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN Al plays with his stinky feet - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN Bud and Kelly up to no good - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN
Family Night Al's Stinky Feet Bud & Kelly
Al's new Ferguson toilet - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN Peg redorates Al's sanctuary from the family - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN Al addresses the members of NO MA'AM - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN
New Toilet Bathroom Redux In the Garage
Peg cooking...NOT! - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN A satisfying romp in the sack - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN Al and friends escape their families - MARRIED WITH CHILDREN
In the Kitchen In Bed On the Roof

TRIVIA NOTE: The house seen as the Bundy residence is located on Castlewood Lane, south of Deerfield Road in the real suburb of Deerfield, Illinois.

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