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Ghost Chasers - Team of ghost chasing journalist from Ghost Chasers magazine featured on the supernatural Hanna-Barbera cartoon series GOOBER AND THE GHOST CHASERS/ABC/1973-75.

Goober and the Ghost Chasers

The Ghost Chasers consisted of Ted (Jerry Dexter). the team leader, Tina (Jo Ann Harris), the consummate journalist who always gets her story, Gilly (Ronnie Schell) the photographer, and Goober the dog (Paul Winchell). When Goober became scared or emotionally stressed he turned invisible (only his red hat could be seen).

Using such devise as a "Specter Detector." the group spent its time traveling the globe investigating stories about ghosts, witches, mummies, haunted houses, farms, ships and museums. Sometimes members of the Partridge Family (:Laurie, Danny, Chris & Tracy) assisted in their investigations.

The series is a clone of the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon series SCOOBY DOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? about a group of ghost chasing teenagers (The Scooby Gang) and their cowardly dog Scooby Doo.

Goober and the Ghost Chasers

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