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Harry Dresden - Chicago-based wizard who uses his supernatural skills to solve paranormal crimes on the science fiction series THE DRESDEN FILES/SCI/2007.

Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden

The only Wizard listed in the Chicago phone directory, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (Paul Blackthorne) does battle with the forces of darkness, always maintaining a wry sense of humor and a unique perspective on our world.

Where others see typical crimes of assault, kidnapping and murder, Harry sees otherworldly forces at work. Equipped with an enchanted hockey stick, Harry services a clientele of supernatural creatures, as well as consults with the local police department whenever a murder case is inexplicable.

For example, when a man is found with his chest exploded - but there is no natural explanation nor sign of explosives found - Harry is called into investigate the bizarre happening. As female police detective Lt. Connie Murphy (Valerie Cruz) detective of the Special Investigations Unit tells Harry, "Go out there and do what ever mumbo jumbo it is you do and get me a suspect."

So, the next time you need a crime solved that involves some hocus pocus, look for Harry Dresden. As he's fond of saying, "Give me a call. I'm Harry Dresden. I'm in the book"

Harry Dresden Chicago Yellow Pages Ad

TRIVIA NOTE: The series is based on Jim's Butcher's best-selling fantasy/mystery 'Wizard for Hire' novels. In the novels, Harry drives a blue VW Beetle, but in the TV series he drives a 1950s Jeep. The air spirit character Bob in the novel (who lives in a human skull that Harry owns) has become a ghost on the television series. And the Irish police detective Karrin Murphy in the novel has been renamed Connie Murphy (played by a Cuban actress).

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