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Hotel California - Mysterious hotel that was the focus of the hit song "Hotel California" recorded by the rock group The Eagles in 1976.

'Hotel California' Album Cover - THE EAGLES
The Eagles "Hotel California" Album Cover

 The idea for their Hotel California album came while one of the Eagles was watching episode No. 26 "The Guests" (3/23/64) of the sci-fi series THE OUTER LIMITS.

The story featured an alien entity (a.k.a. "The Host") who disguised itself as a gothic mansion so that it could observe humanity through the guests that visited it. Those who chose to stay at this strange residence were given comfort and luxury and eternal youth (they stopped aging as long as they stayed inside the structure).

Those who remained too long could never leave and if they tried they turned to dust upon exiting. Over time the visitors who stayed resented their lot in life and their "Host" who had provided them with this living Hell.

Image of Alien from the episode 'The Guests' - THE OUTER LIMITS
The Alien ("The Beast") from the episode "The Guests"

Only after a modern day traveler stumbled upon the hotel and revealed through his actions the virtues of love and self-sacrifice ("The missing vectors. The unknown statistics. The factor that will balance the equation") did the alien truly know the real answers to the worth of mankind.

The alien beast from episode 'The Guests' - THE OUTER LIMITS
The "Beast" inside the hotel

The lyrics in the Eagles song "They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast" and "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave" were inspired by the program's plotline.

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