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St. Gregory Hotel - Luxurious hotel on the drama HOTEL/ABC/1983-88. Located in San Francisco, the St. Gregory Hotel featured large open lobbies, beautiful marble columns and a variety of expensive amenities.

Click for pictures of the show's actors - Arthur Halley's HOTEL

The management and staff at this prestigious hotel included:

  •  Anne Baxter as Victoria Cabot, a wealthy woman who oversaw the hotel's operation for her sister, Laura Trent (Betty Davis-seen only in the first episode)
  • Efrem Zimbalist, Jr as Charles Cabot, Ralph Bellamy as Jake Cabot and Dina Merrill as Jessica Cabot owned the other half of the hotel.
  • James Brolin as Peter McDermott, the hotel's handsome general manager (who later purchased controlling interest in the hotel)
  • Connie Sellecca as Christine Francis, his beautiful assistant who fell in love with Peter later in the series.
  • Shea  Farrell as Mark Danning, the hotel's public relations officer
  • Nathan Cook as Billy Griffin, the hotel security director
  • Shari Belafonte-Harper as Julie Gillette, information center hostess
  • Michael Spound as Dave Kendall, the bellhop and his wife
  • Heidi Bohay as Megan Kendall, a desk clerk and Dave's wife
  • Harry George Phillips as Harry  the bartender

St. Gregory Hotel Execs - Peter McDermott and Christine Francis - HOTEL
Hotel Execs Peter Mc Dermott and Christine Francis

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was based on Arthur Halley's best-selling novel "Hotel."

The real hotel that served as model for the ABC series (a sort of LOVE BOAT on land) was the Plush Fairmont Hotel at 950 Mason Street (on Nob Hill) in San Francisco, California. The hotel was originally built in 1902 by Herman Oelrichs. It was damaged in the earthquake of April 18, 1906 and reopened April 18, 1907

Exterior scenes of the Fairmont were used for establishing shots for the series and a large replica of the Hotel's plush lobby was recreated for shooting interior scenes.

Some notable Fairmont moments:

  • The United Nations charter was written there.
  • Rocker Mick Jagger partied in their penthouse
  • Tony Bennett premiered "I Left My Heart in San Francisco''
  • Nine US Presidents beginning with William Howard Taft as well British Prime Minster Tony Blair have stayed at the Fairmont. 

Hotel Logo - ABC

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