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The Green Hornet - The secret identity of Britt Reid (Van Williams), crusading editor of the Daily Sentinel on the crime drama THE GREEN HORNET/ABC/1966-67.

Van Williams as Britt Reid - THE GREEN HORNET

The Green Hornet

Van Williams
as Britt Reid
His alter ego
 "The Green Hornet"

With his faithful manservant, Kato (Bruce Lee) Britt Reid in the guise of the Green Hornet battled organized crime.

His arsenal of weapons included a gas gun which shot a non-lethal immobilizing gas, the hornet stinger cane that emitted an incapacitating sound wave, and the Kung Fu talents of his manservant Kato.

Their automobile nicknamed the Black Beauty was a sleek gadget-filled vehicle (a la James Bond's Astin Martin) with a TV camera that circled the city transmitting pictures back to the car; and small brooms that dropped from the rear bumper to whisk away tire tracks.

Only the D.A. knew that the Hornet and Kato (despite their underworld dealings) were actually working for and not against the law.

The Green Hornet was actually the great nephew of the Lone Ranger (the Lone Ranger's nephew's grandson). Both of whom wore a trademark mask to conceal their identity.

character The Green Hornet was created by George Trendle and Fran Striker. The character originated on Detroit radio station WZYZ in 1936.

Green Hornet & Kato

Green Hornet Logo

Green Hornet Button

Green Hornet & Kato

The Hornet's Logo

Green Hornet Button


Green Hornet Stun Gun

Green Hornet Logo

1940s Green Hornet Movie Serial Photograph

The Green Hornet's Stun Gun

TV Show Graphic

1940s Green Hornet Serial Photograph

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