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 TV Show Buildings At A Glance

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Happy Days


 Cunningham, Howard & Marion
565 North Clinton Drive, Milwaukee, WI 
The house that served as the Cunningham residence is actually located at 565 North Cahuenga Avenue [south of Melrose Avenue] in the Hancock Park in the Wilshire District of Los Angeles, just a few blocks from Paramount's lot on Melrose Avenue.
I Dream of Jeannie


 Nelson, Captain Anthony & Jeannie (the Genie)
 1020 Palm Drive, Cocoa Beach, FL.
The Nelson's Cocoa Beach home with its ivy-covered-porch trellis (located on the Warner Brother's Ranch) was earlier used as the Anderson family's Springfield residence on the sitcom Father Knows Best (then called the Columbia Ranch). Tony's alternate addresses are 1137 Oak Grove Street and 811 Pine Street.
I Love Lucy


 Ricardo, Lucy & Ricky
 Apartment 4A  623 East 68th Street (later Apt 3D)
 New York City, NY (Upper East side of Manhattan).
On a real street map, their New York address would have put it in the East River. During the 1952 episode of I LOVE LUCY, Lucy and Ethel get off a Tanner Grey Line Motor Tour bus to look at actor Richard Widmark's home. Fans of the series know that the real Williamsburg-style home of Lucille Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz located at 1000 N. Roxbury Drive (at Lexington Avenue) in Beverly Hills was actually used for filming this now classic episode. Comedian Jack Benny lived at 1002 N. Roxbury Drive. TRIVIA NOTE: The Ricardos paid $125 a month rent to their landlord Fred Mertz. Because they were such good friends and tenants, Fred let the Ricardos sign a 99 year lease. But when the Ricardos decided to move to the country in Westport Connecticut, amiable Fred Mertz tore up their lease thus saving them 97 years of payments or $150,000. The Ricardos new home in the country was previously owned by the Spauldings. The Ricardos old apartment was leased to the Taylors, a newlywed couple who decided to buy the Ricardos old furniture. (but Lucy took it back when didn't like the plans the new people had had in mind for the furniture - like cutting off the legs of the sofa, painting the natural wood coffee table black and replacing a newly lamp  shape less than two years old with a new pink one.) The Ricardos used to live in apartment 4A but they moved to the bigger apartment (3D) after their son Little Ricky was born and then later to a house in the country. 


 Ironside, Robert T.
Hall of Justice, 750 Kearny Street San Francisco, CA
Robert T. Ironside (Raymond Burr) who was paralyzed by an assassins bullet, took up residence in upper levels of the Old Hall of Justice in San Francisco and continued as a consultant for the police department. The real building used as Ironside's office and apartment was actually the old Hall of of Justice located at 750 Kearny Street between Washington and Merchant. Sadly, after shooting the exterior shots of the Hall of Justice, it was demolished in 1967 despite the fact that series ran from 1967-75. Today, the Kearny Street site is now the home of the Holiday Inn and Chinese Cultural Center. 
L.A. Law


 McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak
Los Angeles, CA 
The office tower seen on L.A. LAW is actually located at 444 Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles. It's called the"444 Building," and it's right across the street from the Bonaventure Hotel  at the southeast corner of 4th & Flower. 
Leave It To Beaver


 Cleaver, Ward & wife, June (& sons Wally & Theodore)
211 Pine Street

Mayfield, USA
The Cleavers' originally lived at 485 Maple Street [also given as 428 Mapleton]. Between the 2nd and 3rd season, the Cleaver family moved to 211 Pine Street [also seen as 211 Maple and 211 Lakewood Avenue]. Mr. Brenner moved into their old house at 485 Maple. When the Cleavers sold their house on Maple Street Jackson Realty placed the following ad to sell the property: "Charming three bedrooms w/den. on beautifully landscaped grounds, modern dream kitchen, patio spacious, airy. The ultimate in suburban living. Near schools and transportation." The home used for the exterior shots for the Cleaver residence is actually located at 1727 Buckingham Road in the Wilshire District of Los Angeles, California. An identical copy of the home's stone and wood rambler facade was built on the show's back lot on Colonial Street located on the Upper Lot at Universal City [with Camillia bushes in front of the house]. The Cleaver's house was also used in the 1956 Universal film "Never Say Goodbye" starring Rock Hudson. In the revival series The New Leave It To Beaver , June Cleaver now widowed shares her home [a restored version of the original Cleaver house] with a her grown son, Theodore Cleaver, now a divorced father with two sons, Kip & Ollie. A new replica was built for the 1997 film version of Leave It To Beaver.
Mad About You


 Buchman, Paul & Jamie
 Apartment 11-D 51 Fifth Avenue [or No. 5 East 12th Street]
 New York, NY (Manhattan)
The 16 story, brick-faced building shown as the Buchman's residence is really located at 12th Street and Fifth Avenue (southeast corner).
Magnum, P.I.


 Magnum, Thomas Sullivan
c/o Robin's Nest, 11435 18th Avenue, Oahu, HA (North Shore)
The house shown as Robin's Nest was actually a private residence located off the Kalanianaole Highway near Wiamanalo Beach. When not at Robin's Nest, Magnum could be found at the King Kamehameha Beach Club (actually the Kahala Hilton at 5000 Kahala Avenue in Honolulu, Hawaii-renamed the Kahala Mandarin Oriental in the 1990s).
The Mary Tyler Moore Show


 Richards, Mary
Apartment D, 119 North Weatherly Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 
The property owned by Phyllis Lindstrom on the series and used as Mary Richard's residence actually belonged to a University of Minnesota humanities professor. Built around 1891, the three-story, four bedroom Victorian home (plus attic space) with two kitchens and six bathrooms is located at 2104 Kenwood Parkway in Minneapolis. When fans of the show began to regularly bother the owner, the peeved professor refused MTM producers the right to continue filming her residence. To show she meant business, she hung an "Impeach Nixon" sign on her home. The character Mary Richards soon after moved to a high-rise apartment at 932 N. Weatherly. Exteriors of the Cedar Riverside Plaza at 1610 6th Street South across from the University of Minnesota. 
Medical Center


Lochner, Dr. Paul & Dr. Joe Gannon
c/o University Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 
The fictitious "University Medical Center" was actually the UCLA Medical Center, a ten-story complex with over 18 miles of corridors, which takes up the entire south end of the UCLA campus. (UCLA is located at the north end of Westwood Blvd in Westwood Village.) 
Melrose Place 


Woodward, Amanda (Landlord) 
c/o Melrose Place Apartment Complex, Los Angeles, CA 
The setting for Melrose Place was a fictitious apartment complex of the same name. The actual complex seen on the series (The El Pueblo apartment Complex) is located in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles at 4616 Greenwood Place (just east of Vermont Ave (four blocks north of Franklin Ave.)  The Melrose Place street sign is located at the corner of Melrose Place and La Cienga Boulevard.

"Shooters," the bar that the gang at Melrose Place frequented is actually a small restaurant called "Fellini's" located on Melrose at  6810 Melrose Avenue, just east of La Brea in Hollywood. 

The building used for the D&D ad agency in "Melrose Place" is at 5750 Wilshire Boulevard in LA. Across the courtyard from the "Agency" is where Aaron Spelling has his real offices. Beneath D&D Advertising sign it reads "Johnson, Mendelsohn & Associates." Dee Johnson is the show's co-producer, Carol Mendelsohn is a co-executive producer. Below that the sign reads "Correll Institute," (Charles Correl) directed many Melrose Place episodes).



Blue Moon Detective Agency 
c/o Maddie Hayes & David Addison, Suite #206, Los Angeles, CA  
The exterior shots of the Blue Moon Detective Agency are actually scenes of the twin office towers known as the Century Plaza Towers at 2029 and 2049 Century Park East off Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City ( as seen from Avenue of the Stars). The same towers were used in ABC private eye series "REMINGTON STEELE" 
The Munsters


 Munster Family (Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Eddie & Marilyn)
1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Heights, USA
The series was filmed on the back lot of Universal Studios. The Munster home was originally located on Colonial Street just four door down the street of the Mayfield, USA home of June and Ward Cleaver from the sitcom LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. Since the sixties, the house has been uprooted and moved to another section of the back lot and is now nearly unrecognizable to tourists in search of the original series home. 
Murder, She Wrote


 Fletcher, Jessica
698 Candlewood Lane,  Cabot Cove, ME. 03041 
The house seen as Jessica's Cabot Cove residence is actually a Victorian bed-and-breakfast known at Blair House built in 1888 and located at 45110 Little Lake Street in Mendocino, California. The nearby Hill House Inn at 10701 Palette Drive was also used for filming exterior and interiors shots on the show.
The Partridge Family


Partridge, Shirley & Family
698 Sycamore Road, San Pueblo, CA.
The Partridge home facade, with its charming triangular entryway, was actually located on the 40-acre back lot of Warner Brothers ranch at 3701 West Oak Street in Burbank. It often doubled as the residence of Gladys Kravitz on the sitcom Bewitched. Years later, the Partridge home met its demise when the structure was firebombed during the filming of the Lethal Weapon movie starring Mel Gibson. The studio has since rebuilt a barn-like house on the plot and uses the existing building for storage. The adjacent garage where the Partridge Family rehearsed their music still exists. The Partridge's alternate address is given as the 700 block of Vassario Road.


Lindstrom, Phyllis & daughter, Bess
4482 Bayview Drive San Francisco, CA
When Phyllis Lindstrom moved from Minneapolis to San Francisco following the death of her husband Lars, she took a job as a photographer's helper at  Erskine's Commercial Photography Studio [later assistant for the Board of Administration at City Hall]. The actual house used as Erskines is located at 2040 Union Street (originally built in the Cow Hollow neighborhood by a dairy farmer named James Cudworth. See also - The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Perfect Strangers


Appleton, Larry & his cousin, Balki Bartokomous
c/o Caldwell Hotel, Apt. 203, 627 Lincoln Boulevard, Chicago, IL
Larry and Balki later moved to Apartment 209 at 711 Caldwell Avenue. The building used as their home (above the Ritz Discount Store) is the Santa Rita Hotel, a four-story brick building located at 1100 S. Main Street on the southern edge of downtown Los Angeles, east of the Harbor Freeway and north of the Santa Monica Freeway. When Larry married Jennifer they moved into a house on Elm Street  (and Balki & his girlfriend Mary Anne later moved in).


 Hansen Family
Providence, RI
Although many of the establishing shots on the series were filmed in Providence, Rhode Island, some are actually shots taken in Southern California at Ports O'Call Village, a Cape Cod-themed shopping center that borders the main channel of the Los Angeles Harbor, at Berth 76 in San Pedro. Much of the shooting takes place down at Whaler's Wharf, a mostly empty area at the south end of the village.
Remington Steele  


 Remington Steele Detective Agency
c/o Laura Holt and Remington Steele 
 Century City Towers, Suite # 1157 
 606 West Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
The exterior shots of the Remington Steele Detective Agency building are actually scenes of the twin office towers known as the Century Plaza Towers at 2029 and 2049 Century Park East off Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City (as seen from Avenue of the Stars). The same towers were used in ABC private eye series "MOONLIGHTING." 
The Rockford Files


 Rockford, Jim
2354 Pacific Coast Highway at Paradise Cove Trailer Colony, CA
On the series, Rockford's green and white 50-foot long mobile home was located at 2354 Pacific Coast Highway in the Paradise Cove Trailer Colony (later given as 29 Cove Road in Malibu). His base of  operations cost $7,000, and he once described this home/office combo as "cheap, tax-deductible, earthquake-proof and when I get a case out of town, I take it with me." 
Connor, Dan & wife, Roseanne 714 Delaware Street [near Third Street] Lanford, IL
The real house used as the backdrop for the Connor's home is located at 619 S. Runnymeade in Evansville, Indiana.


 Crashdown Cafe
Roswell, NM
The TV series "ROSWELL" is actually shot in a small town called Covina, California, a few miles west of Pomona. 


 Seinfeld, Jerome "Jerry"
 Apartment 5A, 129 West 81st Street, New York, NY (Manhattan)
The real Jerry Seinfeld used to live at the given address in the 1970s but there is no apartment 5A. His TV street is actually a replica of a Manhattan block. The address for the apartment shown on Seinfeld as Jerry's apartment is 757 New Hampshire Ave in Los Angeles. Jerry's coffee shop hangout shown on the series [Monk's] is actually Tom's Restaurant located at 112th Street and Broadway in Upper Manhattan.
7th Heaven


Camden, Eric & wife, Annie & Family
527 Alta Road, Glenoak, CA
The Camden's home (built on a studio lot in Santa Monica) is based on a replica of a house in Alta Dena, CA (one hour north of L.A.) where the series pilot was shot. The fictional "Glen Oak Community Church" on the series is actually the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at 4390 Colfax Avenue in Studio City at the southeast corner of Colfax and Moorpark.
77 Sunset Strip
ABC/1958 - 64)
77 SUnset Strip
 Bailey & Spencer Investigations 
77 Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA (next to Dino's Lodge) Room 101/102
The site of 77 Sunset Strip was actually located at 8532 Sunset Boulevard, next to Dino's Lodge (a real place) at 8524 Sunset Boulevard. Today, the Tiffany Theater [former site of 77 Sunset Strip] and an office building housing Casablanca Records [former site of Dino's Lodge] occupy the spot.
ABC/1987- 91)


 Steadman, Michael & wife, Hope
 1710 Bryn Mahr Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.
The exterior and interior shots seen on the series were based on a 1902 Craftsman Bungalow-style house owned by Dennis & Donna Potts located at 1710 Bushnell Avenue in South Pasadena, California. Much of the house's interior including the fireplace, dark wood paneling and Mission oak decor was reproduced on a studio set. The TV script mentioned the Steadman house was probably built in 1911. 

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