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Ramar of the Jungle Blow Gun Game. Manufactured by Saml. Gabriel Sons and Co., New York. Arrow Productions, Inc. 1955. The 35" x 20" target is litho on cardboard.  


The Blow Gun is a weapon that has been used for centuries by natives in the jungles. This game can be played by one or two or as a party game by many players. Each Blow Gun has a plastic mouthpiece which can be washed when removed. The harmless pellets are made of foam rubber.

Set up the board which is made to stand easily.

Try your skill at a distance of three feet, then increase your distance until your are standing five to six feet from the target. By turning in the sides of the board, the pellets will pellets will fall within this space.

Each player, in turn, has four shots, one for each animal.


At 3 feet score 5 for each hit.
At 4 feet score 10 for each hit.
At 5 feet score 20 for each hit.
At 6 feet score 50 for each hit.

TRIVIA NOTE: The Blow Gun Game was based on the adventures series RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE/SYN/1952-54 starring Jon Hall as Dr. Thomas "Ramar" Reynolds who provided medical support to natives in both Africa and India. The term "Ramar" means "The Great White Doctor" or "White Medicine Man."

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