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Opie Taylor's Tossing Stone - At the beginning of each episode of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW/CBS/1960-68, a very young Ron Howard as Opie Taylor is seen walking down a dirt country road with his father sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith). Both are carrying fishing poles and are preparing to go fishing at the nearby lake. As Opie passes by an opening in the trees he bends down, picks a stone and then tosses it into the lake.

Opening scene where Opie tosses a stone into the lake - THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW

On the March 3rd, 2002 segment of the CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING, a much older Ron Howard, now a successful Hollywood director, revealed that he was given only three chances to throw a stone into the lake because the water supply used in the scene was a county reservoir and the producers of the show were only given permission to throw three stones into the water.

To make sure he got it right, the young Ron, whom the older Ron admitted was not an athlete, practiced off camera until he felt competent he could toss the stone properly. The older Ron Howard proudly recalled "I got it on the very first take so we didn't need the other two takes."

Andy Griffith and Ron Howard re-enact the TV series opening stone throwing scene - Photo courtesy of CBS
Griffith and Howard Re-enact the
opening stone throwing scene

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