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Title Card - CUSTER

ABC Network
60 Minutes

Military adventure based on the early career of twenty-eight-year-old US Cavalry officer Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer (Wayne Maunder) when in 1868 he was given the task of commanding the men of Fort Hays, Kansas, the home a rowdy, undisciplined groups of drifters, thieves and ex-confederate soldiers.

Custer was assigned to Fort Hays as a part of a demotion from the rank to Major General on a charge of dereliction of duty.

"At twenty-four he had been the youngest general in the Civil War. Within five years he had been reduced in rank and sent West to be forgotten. But he was not the kind of man to let the world forget. His name...George Armstrong Custer." (Listen to opening narration)

The men in his command were part of Seventh Labor Battalion, but despite their random offenses, Custer treated them like real soldiers and eventually built the unit into the infamous 7th Cavalry.

People interacting with Fort Hays, Kansas included:


  • Robert F. Simon as General Alfred Terry
  • Peter Adams as Major Benteen
  • Albert Salmi as Colonel Charrington
  • Edward Mulhare as Colonel Sean Redmond
  • Alexander Daveon as Captain Marcus Reno
  • Grant Woods as Captain Myles Koegh
  • Paul Peterson as Lieutenant Cox
  • Robert Loggia as Lieutenant Carlos Moreno
  • Robert Doyle as Lieutenant Lamey
  • Chris Robinson as Lieutenant Tim Rudford
  • Jack Hogan as Sergeant Mason
  • Adam Williams s Sergeant Carhew
  • Art Lund as Sergeant John Tuvey
  • Peter Palmer as Sergeant James Bustard, an ex-Confederate
  • Hal Lynch as Corporal Thomas Hagen

Troopers & Scouts

  • Slim Pickens as California Joe Milner, a scout
  • Hick Hills as Trooper Rio
  • John Nealson as Trooper Johnny Trimble

Native Americans

  • Michael Dante as Chief Crazy Horse
  • Larry Pennell as Chief Yellow Hawk
  • William Smith as Chief Tall Knife
  • Red Morgan as Medicine Man
  • Arthur Franz as Grey Fox
  • Henry Brandon as Fire Cloud
  • X. Brands as Red Wolf
  • Ned Romero as Running Feet
  • Rodd Redwing as Brave Dog
  • Donnelly Rhodes as War Cloud
  • Jeff Scott as Blue Antelope

Series Opening Scenes
7th Cavalry Flag - CUSTER
Wayne Maunder as Lt. Colonel George Armstong Custer - CUSTER
Slim Pickens as Scout California Joe - CUSTER
Michael Dante as Chief Crazy Horse - CUSTER
Robert F. Simon as General Alfred Terry - CUSTER
Peter Palmer as Sergeant James Bustard - CUSTER


TRIVIA NOTE: The series is also known as THE LEGEND OF CUSTER

Historically, George Armstrong Custer lead the 7th Cavalry to their death at the Battle of Little Bighorn in Montana (a.k.a. "Custer's Last Stand") on June 25, 1876 while attempting to defeat a coalition of Native American Indians battling to reclaim their lands from European immigrants who were moving West across the continent.

Obituaries: Slim Pickens: 12/08/1983; Robert F. Simon: 11/29/1992

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