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Title: Garrison's Gorillas

Garrison's Gorrillas Logo

Network: ABC
On-Air: 1967-68
Genre: Drama/Adventure
Length: 60 Minutes
Service: Army

West Point graduate First Lieutenant Craig Garrison, coordinates a group of four men [a.k.a. "Garrison’s Gorillas"] who were released from stateside prisons with the promise of a Presidential pardon. The deal? If they volunteered to go behind the lines during World War II and thwart or kill members of the Axis powers in Germany and Italy they would earn their freedom.

Headquartered in England, Lt. Garrison's team of mercenary commandos included: Actor, a suave Italian-American con man; Chief, a Native-American Indian, proficient with a switchblade knife; Casino, a safecracker; and Goniff, a Yiddish speaking cat burglar.

Garrison's Gorillas

Goniff Actor Chief Casino

Lt. Craig Garrison - GARRISON'S GORILLAS

Lt. Craig Garrison

Among their many missions, Garrison's Gorillas:

  • Travel to Switzerland to recover industrial diamonds
  • Plot to kill Hitler
  • Rescue an American Colonel from a prison camp
  • Gather evidence to disprove claims of cowardice directed at Lt. Garrison
  • Help a French nun transport orphans back to England
  • Stop an Italian gang from hijacking Allied supply trucks
  • Help a group of Yugoslavian resistance fighters
  • Steal the plans for a new German airplane
  • Recover microfilm housed in a Dutch museum
  • Smuggle the infant son of a defecting German scientist
  • Substitute counterfeit printing plates for real ones
  • Trade the son of a German officer for a resistance leader
  • Rob a German bank
  • Pull off a con game in a French Casino
  • Crack a safe to get valuable Heavy Water samples

TRIVIA NOTE: Created by Selmur Productions, the producers of COMBAT!, the series was inspired by the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen.  Garrison's Gorillas was canceled and replaced by THE MOD SQUAD in 1968.

Novel of the TV Series

Dell Comic - Garrison's Gorilla

Dell Comic - Garrison;s Gorilla

Dell Comic - Garrison;s Gorilla

Dell Comic books based on the TV Series


Cast of Garrison's Gorrillas

Lt. Garrison and his team of WWII commandos


Ron Harper


Lt. Craig Garrison
Christopher Cary as Goniff
Rudy Solari as Casino
Brendon Boone as Chief
Cesare Danova as Actor
Mark Bailey as German Officer / German Sergeant
Gerd Rein as German Guard / German Soldier 
Horst Ebersberg as Gestapo Agent / Schafer
Curt Lowens as Maj. Sturm / Col. Broiler
Maurice Marsac as Maj. Dubray / Marcel

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