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Fonzie's Motorcycle -Custom street motorcycle seen on the situation comedy HAPPY DAYS/ABC/1974-84.

The Fonz and his Motorcycle

One of the main characters on the program was Arthur "Fonzie" Fonazarelli, an ultra-cool Italian-American garage mechanic with former ties to a street gang (The Falcons). To get around his home turf of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Fonz rode a motorcycle.

In the very early episodes, Fonzie rode custom Harley-Davidson models. In the later episodes he rides a Triumph motorcycle. Overall, the Fonz drove a variety of models including Harley Panhead, Harley Knucklehead, Harley Sportster, Triumph 500 CC Twin, Trophy 650 CC and a BSA.

The Fonz parks his bike in front of Arnold's Drive-in Restaurant (where he beckons a bevy of lovely young ladies with the snap of his fingers) or by his garage apartment at the Cunningham home.

During the show's 11 seasons, Fonzie's motorcycle (and the theme of motorcycles in general) were seen in a number of episodes. Here is a sampling:

40. Fonzie Moves In -  The Cunningham's decide they need to rent the room above their garage. Richie rents the room to Fonzie. Howard is shocked at his choice but after Fonzie crashes his motorcycle into their garage and has to stay with them to recuperate, Howard warms up to Fonzie and lets him stay. 
41. The Motorcycle - Fonzie finds his bike broken into  pieces, and seeks revenge on the perpetrator (who happens to be Ralph Malph)

Fonzie's Motorcycle JumpFearless Fonzarelli (Part 1-2) - Worried that he's losing his cool, Fonzie tries to jump 14 garbage cans on his motorcycle. His jump is successful, but he crashes his bike upon reentry. The Cunninghams take him home but their attentive pampering hinders his recuperation.

64-66. Fonzie Loves Pinky (1-3) - Fonzie reunites with an old flame, Pinky Tuscadero (she's cooler that the Fonz), who visits Milwaukee to perform motorcycle stunts at the Third Annual Auto Demolition Derby. Pinky tries to convince Fonzie that she should be his partner. When Fonzie finally accepts her, rival competitors, the Mallachi brothers, set out to sabotage Pinky's car. Fonzie wins the demolition derby and then proposes to Pinky (which she declines).
71. They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They? - Joanie enlists Fonzie to be her partner at a marathon dance at Arnold's. But his motorcycle breaks down, and he has to push it 12 miles to get to the dance competition where Joanie wants to outlast cheerleading captain Jill Higgins (who had cut Joanie from the squad earlier).
84 Joanie's Weird Boyfriend - Joanie joins a motorcycle gang called the Red Devils. When kissing games start, she panics, only to be saved by her brother. Richie, and friends Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and Carmine, "The Big Ragu."
88 Fonzie's Baptism - After a motorcycle accident, Fonzie prepares for the hereafter and gets baptized by Al's twin brother, a Priest.
106. Richie Almost Dies - Richie falls into a coma after crashing his new motorcycle in a near-fatal accident. Of course, the Fonz prays for his best friend's recovery..
119. Fonzie's Blindness - Al accidentally hits Fonzie in the head with a serving tray, and he becomes blind. Fonzie soon begins to think of himself as useless and has everyone do everything for him - with the exception of Richie who tells Fonzie to do things for himself. Richie takes Fonzie's motorcycle apart to motivate him to stop feeling sorry for himself. The Fonz tells Richie, "I hate your guts Cunningham !"  But, he rebuilds his bike and soon after regains his sight and his dignity.
171. Hello, Roger - Roger Phillips, Marion's nephew, comes to Milwaukee to become the basketball coach at Jefferson High School. He gets off on the wrong foot with Fonzie crashes into his motorcycle.
176. The Sixth Sense - Fonzie thinks he has been robbed by the new cook at Arnold's, but actually Chachi had taken the money (and added more from friends) to buy Fonzie a new motorcycle for his birthday.
234. Because It's There - Fonzie tries to fulfill his old goal of conquering Suicide Hill on a motorcycle.

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"I know nothing about motorcycles. I have an education. Fonzie is a dropout. I refuse to be that macho in my life. Fonzie is afraid of nothing."

-- Henry Winkler - TV Guide, January 1976


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