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Boundary Mountain - Remote Utah mountain featured on the primetime drama THE MOUNTAIN/WB/2004.

Boundary Mountain

Boundary Mountain is the site of Boundary Mountain Ski Resort owned by David Carver, Sr. who transformed the mountain into the country's largest independently owned-ski resort. Reportedly, he had won the mountain in a poker game.

When Carver. Sr. dies in an avalanche, the mountain is willed to his grandson son, David Carver. Jr. In true prodigal son fashion, Will, the resentful older brother who had managed the resort while David Jr. was off being a rebellious teenager, felt slighted that he was overlooked as the more worthy person to inherit the family holdings.

But being on the receiving end of an inheritance has its down side, like discovering the resort is plagued with sagging profits and the fact if David gifts or sells the business, it will be put up for auction (as stipulated in the will).

While David and Will learn to cope with their new situation, the Dowling family, ruthless local land developers, set their sights on making Boundary Mountain Resort part of their own real estate holdings.

Add to the mix, the Dowling family's claim to have had an "oral agreement" with now deceased David, Sr. that supersedes the clause requiring that David, Jr. does not sell.

"When my grandfather died, everyone back home wanted to know what would happen to the mountain. For me and my family, all we could think about was what would happen to us." -- David, Jr.



Cast Credits

Oliver Hudson as David Carver Jr.
Anson Mount as Will Carver
Tara C. Thompson as Shelley Carver
Barbara Hershey as Gennie Carver
Penn Badgley as Sam Tunney
Elizabeth Bogush as Max Dowling
Alana De La Garza as Maria Serrano
Tommy Dewey as Michael Dowling
Johann Urb as Travis Thorson
Mitch Pileggi as Colin Dowling
Chad Everett as David Carver, Sr.

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