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Moosylvania - Fictional island nation  mentioned on the animated cartoon ROCKY & HIS FRIENDS/ABC/1959-61.

Map of Moosylvania

According to the storyline "Moosylvania" was the "wettest, soggiest, dreariest place on Earth (you forgot useless). Situated directly between the United States and Canada (75 miles from International falls- in the middle of western Lake Superior), Moosylvania had the distinction of being constantly fought over by both countries. The United States insisted it was a part of Canada, and Canada insisted it was a part of the United States."

Moosylvania was the vacation spot of Bullwinkle (Bill Scott) the Moose and his friend Rocky, the flying squirrel (June Foray). Bullwinkle is governor of Moosylvania. It's official sport is farkling.

Once, Rocky asked Bullwinkle why he always vacationed in Moosylvania? He responded "After two weeks in Moosylvania, any place else in the world seems like heaven."

When Boris Badenov (Paul Frees), a nefarious Pottsylvanian spy learned he had an assignment in Mooseylvania, he begged his Fearless Leader to reconsider. "Send me to Siberia, Wilkes-Barre but NOT Moosylvania!"

Moosylvania was featured in the episodes "Moosylvania" (4 segments)
in which Boris runs a contest and Bullwinkle wins a set of Encyclopedia Badenov, rigged to explode when opened to "Moosylvania"; and "Moosylvania Saved" (4 segments) when the stolen treasury of Pottsylvania surfaces in Moosylvania, and spy Boris Badenov turns it into the world's most popular disaster area.

Jay Ward, the creator of the Rocky & Bullwinkle characters bought a real island off the coast of Minnesota and named it Moosylvania. Then, in an attempt to have his island adopted for statehood, Jay Ward and friend, Howard Brandy (the model for Dudley Do-Right) drove across the country in a Ford Econoline van equipped with circus Calliope music. They visited over fifty cities and gathered signatures from fans in support of his project.

Unfortunately, their idea for statehood was soon scuttled upon their arrival in Washington, D.C. For you see, as they jokingly approached the gates of the White House to gain support for their statehood idea, they were unaware that they had arrived on the same day as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Oh well, the best laid plans of Moose and Men.

Later, on the cartoons series, these words were spoken:

Rocky: Well, that's it, Bullwinkle! It's filed!
Bullwinkle: You mean Moosylvania's gonna be a state now, Rock?
Rocky: That all depends on how many good Americans get behind it, Bullwinkle.
Narrator: But will Rocky and Bullwinkle be joined in support by people everywhere? Or will the same sinister forces that defeated the Snooky Lanson presidential boom be at work again? Perhaps we'll find out more in further adventures of Rocky Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose

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