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MOVIE REVIEW - Premonition (2007) starring Sandra Bullock

Al Holst, Owner of TV ACRESWaste NOT your money on this film. Now, let me spill the beans on this bugger.

Summary: Man and woman marry. They have two children - girls

Woman goes to sleep. Wakes. She hears a knock on the door. Its the police. "Sorry, Ma'am your husband's dead."

The woman lives through a horrible day of telling her kids, mother and friends, that she is a widow.

Next morning she wakes. Hey, her husband is alive.

Next morning, she is a widow.

Next morning, Hey, her husband is alive.

The woman slowly begins to piece together clues and realizes she is having a premonition of her husband's death. Her problem. If she let's him die, is she responsible? They haven't been getting along, relationship wise.

The woman goes to a priest. He conveniently has a book that talks about other people who predicted the future. Some came true; others did not. Bottom line, the priest tells the woman if she loves her husband, she will fight for him.

The night before he goes away on a business trip (to have an affair with a blond coworker) the woman gets all lovey-dovey, slowly takes off his shoes. They make love. She tells her husband that she dreamed that he would die if he went on his trip. Next morning, he goes on his trip but first drops by his insurance guy to triple his coverage in case of death.

The woman wakes, follows her husband in her car toward the spot where the accident is supposed to occur at mile marker 220 and tells him via cell phone "If you love me, you will turn around RIGHT NOW!!" He does. His car stalls. A fuel tanker collides with his car and explodes. Dead husband.

In essence, the woman causes her husband to die. If she had just stayed home, he'd be alive. Consequently she collects a big insurance pay out and an extra bonus, a child that was fathered the night before the accident.
Oh and to top off the irony, the husband had decided NOT to cheat on his wife. And for his integrity, he gets burned to death. In this film its MEN: 0; WOMEN: Get EVERYTHING!!!
The movie has a lousy plot, filled with inconsistencies. A most dreadful film. I feel that Sandra Bullock must have been in need of some ready cash to have even wanted to appear in this crud.

THE END, or is it?
Now go take that money you would have wasted on this film and see a better one like 300 or the Bridge to Terabithia.

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