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My Songs (written by the webmaster)

(Lyrics by Jerome A. Holst, © 1990)

Verse We're sitting in a restaurant in Hollywood
Celebrating opening night
We've made it to the top liked we hoped we would
Somehow it's turned out just right
Now I'd like to make a toast to you, my dear
Would you raise your glass up high
I'd like to thank you for the many years
That you helped this poor cowboy survive
Now it may not always be caviar
The Hotel Ritz, big fancy cars
But as long as I've got you as my guiding star
Honey, that's all that I'll ever need
Do you remember the time we spent on the road
Searching for fortune and fame
Playing our music from coast to coast
At times no even a dime to our name
Well the struggle is through, Yeah, we made it
And I'd like to take this time to say
That you were the strength behind this man
And will be to my dying days.
  Repeat Chorus
Lyrics by Jerome A Holst 
 ©All Rights Reserved.


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