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My Songs (written by the webmaster)

Dream Murderer
(Lyrics by Jerome A. Holst, © 2004)

Verse Last night I killed you
In my mind
No one knew
It was the perfect crime
And I'll do it again
As night time comes
I'll be coming after you
At the setting sun
Chorus Dream murderer
That's what I am
When I catch you in my dreams
Baby it's the end
You can try to run
But there's no place to hide
I'm the master of my dreams
And you're gonna die
Verse You knocked on my door
In the broad day light
Looking so confident
Looking so nice
You told me it was over
That we were threw
But I'll get even
I'm coming after you
  Repeat Chorus
Bridge You can love me and leave me
In the broad day light
When I get you in my dreams
You better run for your life
  Repeat Chorus
Bridge 2 Now the morning may come
And the dreams may end
But when the night time comes
I'll kill you over again
  Repeat Chorus and Fade

Lyrics by Jerome A Holst
 ©All Rights Reserved.


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