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My Songs (written by the webmaster)

Little Birdies
(Lyrics by Jerome A. Holst, © 1982)

Verse Most people know that leopards have spots
And giraffes are kind of tall
I've always wondered whether or not
Little birds have balls
So I took a trip to the library
to find evolution had done them wrong
Seems it got their beaks and feathers alright
But it messed with their ding and their dong
Little birdies flying in the sky
Dropping things down into my eyes
Don't let that birdie ever know
That he ain't got nothing hanging down below.
Further research lead me to a legend
Of a rare and singular bird
That was known for its distinctive cry
Of but two discouraging words
Seems between it tiny legs there hanged
Two fleshy bags so low
That when it came in for a landing
You could hear it scream OH NO!
  Repeat Chorus
Now you'd think the birds would be mad
At being denied such precious jewels
But our feathered friends are happy
Though bird-brained are no one fools
For the birds they can't get drafted
Cause they really couldn't cough
And down in the Arctic where its really cold
Hell, the penguins would freeze them off!
  Repeat Chorus
Lyrics by Jerome A Holst 
 ©All Rights Reserved.


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