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My Songs (written by the webmaster)

No One Is Number One Forever
(Lyrics by Jerome A. Holst, © 1981)

Verse You've finally got what you've always wanted
A star on your dressing room door
And a public that can't get enough of you
I can still hear them screaming for more
With all this you'd think you'd be invincible
Now that you are number one
But remember when you're on top
There's only one place left to run
No one is number one forever
No matter how hard they try
Even the mountains are humbled
By the passing winds of time
No one is number one for ever
And just when you think you've got it all
Success slips away like a thief in the night
And all your castles and dreams fall
Now they may put you on a pedestal
And they may call you superstar
And you may live in a fine mansion
And drive 'round in diamond-studded cars
But don't forget to look into your mirror
To remind yourself your only flesh and bone
And that someday soon, the crowd that flocks to you
Will leave you standing all alone...because
  Repeat Chorus
Lyrics by Jerome A Holst
 ©All Rights Reserved.


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